Visit These 4 Destinations for an Unforgettable BFF Road Trip


The following road trip will take you and your besties to four of the country’s best resort cities. You’ll have plenty of time in the car to belt out your favorite songs, and spend your nights in quality resorts where you’ll be pampered and relaxed for another day of open roads. Plan to vacation at least a week for this itinerary, which starts in San Diego, CA and ends in Branson, MO.

San Diego, CA

Everyone should soak up the sun in So-Cal at least once in their life. If you’re from San Diego, you know why. If you’re visiting for the first time, you’re bound to fall in love with the pristine beaches and scenic coastal highways. You should plan to stay at least a night in each of these four destinations, including San Diego. You can stay anywhere, but only a resort will treat you and your friends to five-star amenities.

Since you’re heading north anyway, consider spending the night in rocky North County where you’ll be treated to incredible views and stunning oak lined vistas. Welk Resorts offer climbing walls, yoga rooms, tennis courts, farmer’s markets, and well-appointed resort villas that are large enough to accommodate your whole group. For a full list of Welk Timeshare locations, click the link to visit their Wikipedia page.

Palm Springs, CA

Palm Springs is home to the Coachella Valley Preserve and the Joshua Tree National Park. It’s where you’ll want to get out of the car and stretch your legs on a beautiful hike. The desert is full of canyons that beg to be explored, including the Tahquitz and Indian Canyons. Make sure to grab a map or request a tour guide because these places are vast, and it’s easy to get lost.

When you’ve had your fill of hiking, hop on the mini-ferry to head to Mikado, a Japanese restaurant offering steak and seafood. You’ll coo over the adorable pink flamingos that live on site and can be viewed from the restaurant’s windows. It’s the best place to get teppanyaki in California, and they serve great drinks too.

Lake Tahoe, CA

You’re going to want to take a long rest in Lake Tahoe. After you leave, you’ll be heading into the longest stretch of your road trip. It’s a bit over 500 miles to Branson, which will require more than eight hours of driving. Luckily, Lake Tahoe offers an abundance of things to do, most of which are very relaxing.

Unwind on the beach at Kings Beach State Recreation area. This is a free activity, and the beach is three miles long, so you’ll find privacy if you require it. Lake Tahoe does have a vibrant nightlife, especially at Harrah’s Casino. The local bars draw large crowds on weekend nights too. Of course, if you’re traveling in winter, there’s always slopes to ski.

Branson, MO

The final leg of your journey will take you to Branson, MO. All the destinations on this trip are beautiful, but no place combines tranquility and natural wonder quite like Branson. You’ll find the views breathtaking, and the kitschy things to do more fun than you’d ever expected.

Have a picnic on a boulder overlooking Table Rock Lake. Visit the Butterfly Palace, the zoo, and the Titanic Museum. Nothing says “girl’s getaway” quite like a visit to the Titanic Museum, which is shaped like the famed ship from history and a certain Leonardo DiCaprio film… It’s the perfect place to end the road trip of a lifetime.

Adventure has a way of changing lives and bringing people together. There’s really no better way to bond than a road trip. It’s guaranteed to take your friendships to the next level, from good friends to best friends.

What are your favorite places to stop on a road trip? 


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