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Girls That Go! – An Interview with Vicky Flip Flops

by Sara Button on November 22, 2014

This week we chatted with Vicky, the voice behind Vicky Flip Flop Travels. Check out what she loves about festivals, some travel-inspiring book recs, and more, in this week’s Girls That Go!

GGG: Hi! Let’s start with introductions–can you tell us who you are, where you’re from originally and how you got started traveling?

I’m originally from a little village in the middle of England called Barton-under-Needwood. My family didn’t travel much when my brother and I were little but as soon as I hit 18 I went travel crazy! I went on a few holidays with my girlfriends but it wasn’t until I went to work as a counselor at summer camp in New York that I really got the travel bug. I met so many interesting people from all over the world and it made me just want to see more. That was definitely the start of my travel obsession.

GGG: The subtitle for your blog is “Cool Festivals and Epic Holidays.” What draws you to festivals, and what’s the most surprising one you’ve experienced so far?

I love festivals. I love how everyone comes together and just forgets the outside world. All you have to focus on is what band to see next or what to eat for lunch. People are in such good spirits, they’re more open and up for a good time than usual. Festivals are a lot of fun. I went to Coachella festival in April, in the Colorado Desert in the USA, which was awesome. You get to camp with your car so it became like our wardrobe, fridge and dressing room. Everyone was so friendly to us Brits and the line up was amazing.

GGG: You’re definitely are a pro at festival-hopping, and recently wrote about 5 things you wouldn’t go to a festival without. What would be a sixth, if you had to add one?

My camera! I love taking pictures of the crazy things festival organisers put on to entertain their punters [customers]. Latitude Festival is definitely one of the most visually impressive festivals I’ve been to. It was like a magical wonderland with a surprise at every turn, I definitely needed my camera to record that!

GGG: You’ve been spending a bit of time in Mexico lately (one of our favorite places to travel)! What have been some highlights there?

vicky day of the dead

The Day of the Dead Festival was awesome. So many traditions come together to form the festival and it was unlike anything I’d ever seen before.

I’ve also loved the surfing here. I learnt in San Pancho at a surf house for a week then I did it again in Puerto Escondido and just loved it. Mexico has beautiful beaches and if you choose the right ones there’s barely anyone on them.

GGG: We loved your post about your Mexico reading list. Do you have any other travel-inspiring books to recommend? 

Shantaram is pretty much the reason why I’m going to India next year. And I also enjoyed Holy Cow, another book about India. I recently finally got round to reading The Alchemist too, which lived up to all the hype.

GGG: Rapid fire! Favorite street food? Tacos!

Best place for a picnic? Primrose Hill, London

Worst bus ride you ever took? Coming down to San Pedro on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, on the mountain roads. They packed us into the mini van and I had to sit on the wheel arch on the floor with nothing to hold onto. So uncomfortable and had to use all my core strength not to fall into all the Guatemalan people surrounding me.

Favorite country for shopping? England.

GGG: What exciting adventures can we expect to see coming up if we were to walk a mile in your flip flops? (Cheesy, I know, I couldn’t resist.)

vicky face

Loads! I’ve got a travel rich 2015 coming up with trips to Japan, Philippines, Indonesia and India already planned. The flip flops are definitely going to get some good use!

Awesome, we can’t wait to see what’s next! To hear more about Vicky’s travels, check out her blog, tweet with her, or find her on Facebook.

All photos in this post courtesy of Vicky Philpott.

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