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5 Things to Love About Panama City

by Casey Siemasko on September 18, 2014

A world-class metropolis steeped in history, cultural diversity and natural attractions, it’s no wonder why people quickly fall in love with Panama City. The longer you stay in the city, the more enchanting details you’ll discover.

But if you need a bit of enticing to get you packing your bags, here are five major reasons we love Panama City:

1. The Cosmopolitan Cityscape

Considered to be on of the most cosmopolitan cities in all of Central America, Panama City boasts modern architecture, a thriving international business scene and a shimmering skyline. Only in Panama City can you spend the day exploring the rain forest, but still make it back to the city in time for a night on the town. And with plenty of glitzy nightclubs, trendy rooftop bars and rhythmic salsa steps, it’s easy to find yourself partying until the sun comes up.

2. Historic Casco Viejo

Gentrification, restoration and UNESCO World Heritage Status have turned this historic old neighborhood into one of Panama City’s hippest places to be. First settled in 1673, today Casco Viejo boasts some of the first buildings, churches and plazas of Panama City. But along with the old, Casco Viejo also has plenty of ‘new’, including boutique hotels, charming restaurants and even a renowned gelato shop. It’s this confluence of pretty and gritty, crumbling colonial architecture alongside renovated ruins, that makes Casco Viejo one of our favorite things to love about Panama City.

3. The Amador Causeway

If you need a break from the city, you only need to go so far as the Amador Causeway. Six kilometers of walking and bike paths stretch across four islands, providing the perfect place to actively enjoy views of Panama City. It’s possible to rent bikes at the causeway, and this is also one of the most popular places in the city to run, walk and rollerblade.

4. The Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is an engineering marvel that has been facilitating trade between the Atlantic and the Pacific for 100 years. To fully understand the history, technology and natural environment surrounding the feat, a visit to the Panama Canal is an absolute must. Luckily the Miraflores Locks are a quick and easy trip from downtown Panama City and provide fantastic views of the vessels passing through the canal. To learn more about the history of the Panama Canal and how to visit it, don’t miss this past post on Go! Girl Guides!

5. Its Strategic Location

We’ve hinted at it already, but it’s worth mentioning again: Panama City’s ideal location as the hub of the Americas and the crossroads between the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean means that there are ample opportunities for discovery at only an arm’s length away. In just a day you can be hiking through tropical rainforest, sunbathing on nearby Isla Taboga, riding the historic Panama Canal Railway, or hiking through the picturesque hills of Altos de Campana National Park. And if you have a few days to spare, there are plenty more beaches and towns that are only bus ride away.

What do you love about Panama City?

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