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4 Stunning Waterfalls in Costa Rica

by Casey Siemasko on March 30, 2015

Costa Rica is renowned for its abundance of natural beauty, so it should come as no surprise that the country is home to numerous waterfalls and cascades. No matter where you choose to travel, there is likely a gorgeous waterfall nearby to which you can hike or rappel.

But if you’re looking for something extraordinary, then don’t miss one of these four stunning waterfalls, often considered to be some of the most beautiful in the entire country:

Nauyaca Waterfalls: These secluded falls on the Pacific coast are nothing less than exquisite. Consisting of two falls, one that measures 150 feet and the other that comes in at 65 feet, this is the perfect place to admire the jungle or go for a swim. Access to the fall is after a 4km hike through the jungle. The trail is well-maintained, and during dry season it is relatively clean and easy to walk on. There are also popular horseback riding tours that will take you past stunning scenery to the falls. Though you’re likely to see locals clambering to the top of the falls and diving into the crystal-clear pool below, exercise caution—the rocks are extremely slippery and dangerous.

La Fortuna: Conveniently located outside of La Fortuna (as the name might suggest), this waterfall is one of the most popular in the country. After trekking down 480 steps, you’ll arrive at La Fortuna Fall cascading 230 feet down into a vibrant blue pool. It’s possible to swim in the refreshing pool, just don’t go too close to the powerful fall itself.

Llanos de Cortes: Lonely Planet claims it to be the best waterfall in Costa Rica, and given its remote location quite off the beaten track, it’s easy to see why. What sets this waterfall apart is the nearby white sandy beach, perfect for basking in the sun after your trek to the fall. It’s secluded and takes a bit of work to arrive at, but you won’t be disappointed.

Rio Celeste Waterfall: A fantastic bright blue fall within the Tenorio National Park, this waterfall is extra beautiful due to its gorgeous location within the cloud forest. For the ultimate adventure, consider camping in the national park the night before your hike, and then starting out early the next morning. This will also allow for the best possibilities of spotting wildlife as well. For the details, don’t miss this amazing post by Expert Vagabond.

These are just four of the many amazing waterfalls in Costa Rica. Have you visited any others you think should be on the list? Do you enjoy visiting waterfalls on your travels?

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