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Using a Groupon Getaway to the Maldives

by Maureen St. George on October 30, 2014

The Maldives are pristine, special and unfortunately, not easy to get to. But from Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong, there are occasionally Groupon offers to these islands. Going out to eat on a Groupon is one thing, but what about a resort?

Usually, these offers are for three or four nights and include hotel, flight and speedboat transfer. The offer usually includes three different island destinations, all at increasing prices, starting from around US$800/person. Since the Maldives are filled with honeymooners and couples rekindling the fire, single females will definitely get some odd and pitying looks. But the peace of mind that comes from being in the lap of luxury will put those side-eyes to the back of your mind.

As with most offers, the Maldives trips come up at random times and must be used by a certain date. The flights themselves are nothing special and usually require a layover. Speedboat transfer and hotel check-in are similarly easy.

Going to the Maldives for $800 is cheaper that it costs me to get home from Hong Kong. When I budget mentally, I usually don’t include more than one meal a day, even after all these years, so I’m always surprised when I have to re-budget upon arrival. With that in mind, the Maldives is going to be ridiculously expensive for a nice meal or a dolphin tour. A dinner entree will run you around US$30, and dolphin tours are about US$60. So save up up up!

However, the other option is to just save up for food and bring you own snorkeling gear. After all, with the ocean literally right next to or under your room, what do you need the extras for? Just lying on the beach and going for a swim is a big enough slice of heaven. One other thing to save up for is the spa, just in case the sight of paradise doesn’t melt away the stress. Massages are hella expensive around US$120. In case you forgot to get it done, waxing is actually not quite so bad: a full leg and bikini wax is around US$60, not including tip, at Kuramathi Resort.

Have you used a Groupon Getaway to the Maldives?

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