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Travel can transform you – make you culturally sensitive, get you out of your comfort zone, evoke the adventurous side of you and change your mindset.

However, traveling also comes with a little bit of work – organizing transportation, booking the accommodation, packing, ensuring you have all the essentials with you, being prepared for the unexpected and more.

No one likes to be sick while traveling but sometimes these things are unavoidable. Here are some great healthcare apps that can help you out in a bind.

Have you heard of healthcare apps?

Living in this digital day and age has brought us many conveniences. This trend has progressed to our health care as well.

Imagine yourself suffering from stomach aches during your vacation and the pain just won’t go away. You’ve taken the medication you brought with you but unfortunately you’re not getting any better. You tried communicating with the hotel personnel but the language barrier doesn’t allow you to convey the exact symptoms you’re experiencing and you’re unsure whether the medication the local doctor is recommending is the proper treatment you need.

Just take out your smartphone, find a WiFi connection and see a doctor online – one who speaks your language. Sounds too good to me true? Well, it is possible! By using this app you’ll be able to select your doctor, book an appointment with him or her from anywhere at any time, you’ll be able to speak to that doctor who will then assess your situation and prescribe the necessary treatment; and then be able to pick up the prescriptions he or she recommended at a pharmacy near you. 

If your problem is more serious, these doctors might even come and intervene themselves if you happen to be in an area where they offer such services.

As you speak to the doctor, he or she might ask for your medical records in order to give you the correct treatment. Microsoft HealthVault is a mobile app that will come in handy here since you’re able to keep all your medical records here and share them with professionals in a secure way.

If on the other hand, you are able to communicate with the local doctor clearly and want to check the specifications of the medication he or she prescribed, all you need to do is take your smartphone again and check on Digital Pharmacist. This app allows the pharmacists to easily communicate with their customers about different medications, provide medical articles and process prescriptions. This technological innovation will make the whole process more convenient for the pharmacist and for the consumer.

Benefits of Installing Healthcare Apps

There are numerous healthcare apps available these days and many more that will become available in the years to come. These apps are changing the communication channels with medical professionals, they cut out unnecessary doctor’s visits while encouraging people to seek their advice more frequently.

The ones listed above are essential when it comes to tending to your health while traveling. So make sure you have them installed on your smartphones before you go.

Have you ever been sick while traveling? 


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