A Woman’s Guide to an Alaska Cruise


Thinking of taking an Alaska cruise sometime soon? You’re not the only one! Alaska is home to waterways, glaciers (which are called the passages and borders), mountains and wildlife. If you’re looking to sail through Alaska, this one’s for you.

Cruising Time

The ideal time to cruise in Alaska is at the start of the April through the start of October. It’s the safest time of year to cruise, since you’ll avoid ice that can form on the passageway while on the alaska cruise in the colder months.

Though it’s summer time, be sure to bring windbreakers and sweaters with you as the nights in Alaska can get chilly.

Stateroom Choice

If you can afford it, go for a room with a balcony. If not, think about what side of the ship you’d like to be on. If you’re sailing from the south towards the north, choose a stateroom located on the starboard side, so that you can easily view the mountains and the small seaside towns.

Popular ports to Consider

There are many ports you may call while cruising Alaska State.

Juneau: the capital city of Alaska is great for animal lovers and you’ll likely see whales, sea lions and seals.


Anchorage will be on the northern port cruises. Here you’ll find glaciers and snow capped mountains, which will give you impressive scenery. You can take a flight over these glaciers, and for a price, you can land on them. Glaciers cruise voyage for 7 days may cost around $609 per individual in May, exclusive of the flights.


Skagway is famous for river life found in the Skagway, as well gold panning. But if you’re not into that, try  white water rafting.


See rainforests via the port of Ketchikan as you cruise Alaska. Hike through the forest, ride in a canoe, learn about Native American history.

Wherever you choose to visit will be stunning for different reasons. We want to hear from you!

Have you been on a cruise through Alaska?


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