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If you’re around here a bit, you may have noticed that Girls that Go! hasn’t been here in a while. We’re super happy to welcome back our little series with an interview with Kimberly Fisher from Jetsetera. Here, the former beauty queen tells us what’s always in her backpack, what trip she’d do-over if she could, and what her on-the-road beauty tips are.


Go! Girl Guides: Tell us your story! What are you all about, where are you at the moment?
Kimberly Fisher:
Me in a few words: adventurer. reader. writer. learner. ex-model. beauty queen. eternal optimist. nonchalant. philanthropist.

GGG: You’re a travel addict like us… where have you been most recently? What was it like? Any experiences to share?
KF: This year has been filled with work, but luckily I know how to mix in a little play. This year the highlights have been Vegas, Bermuda, Chicago and Montreal. As soon as my schedule calms down, I plan to take a proper vacation…hopefully back to Central America or island hopping around the Caribbean.

GGG: We’re all girls around here, so we like to ask some girly questions. What are your best beauty secrets while on the road?
KF: What do you do to look your best when you sort of can’t? I am notorious for sleeping in my makeup. One super easy way to solve this: make-up remover cloths kept on the bedside table. So easy you really have no excuse. I also travel with a Tide Stain Remover Stick- mostly to save others! A little mascara and lip gloss goes a long way when you are not feeling up to par, along with a cute headband or trendy hat to hide unwashed hair.

GGG: What’s always in your backpack? Blackberry, passport, mints,vitamins, lip gloss, notebook, tiffany pen, reading material, almonds.
KF: We’ve been talking about love on the road recently–have you ever found it? Yes…and it settled me in New York from LA.


GGG: My travel photos are usually of_________.
KF: gorgeous landscapes.

GGG: If I could go back and re-do a trip, I’d _________.
KF: do the Silk Road of China again.

GGG: My life was forever changed when__________.
I started venturing out on my own at age 14 to foreign lands.__________________.


Thanks Kim! To find out more about Kimberly, visit or follow her on Twitter @jetsetera. Interested in taking part in Girls that Go!? Email Kelly at


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