A Handful of Tech Gadgets to Digitize Your Life



The biggest change in the everyday life of an average person is probably the amount of tech gadgets you use. The extent to which computers and technology have integrated themselves into our existence is almost unprecedented; it’s a trend that shows no signs of slowing down.

There are many gadgets, in addition to cell phones, that help you track your heart rate, calorie intake, even the number of hours you sleep. As we round the corner into the next decade, there’s new technology on the horizon that will change the very way we interact with household objects and the people we meet. For the moment, let’s take a look at a few of the ones that are already here.

Efficient Lighting – Smart Bulbs

Large lighting manufacturers are ditching the age-old lightbulb in favor of far more efficient halogens and LEDs lately. Furthermore, some are even bringing so-called smart-lighting into your home and workplace.

Take, for example, the Hue light from manufacturer, Philips. It can be controlled from your Apple iOS or Android device – allowing you to turn the lights off and on from the proximity of your smartphone or tablet. Pushing a button as you pull up your driveway may soon be all you need to do to light your house.

Streaming Media Players

The Roku media player has been out for some time; the success of this device and others has paved the way for more robust options. Amazon Fire TV and Google ChromeCast hopped on the bandwagon to bring you voice control over the device that brings you the latest movies from Amazon Video, Netflix and all manner of entertainment platforms. Staying connected to the Web is starting to become mandatory as most of the reliable news and event coverage seems to come from online sources as opposed to the traditional media outlets.

A Digital Personal Assistant

You’ve got plenty to choose from these days. There’s Apple’s mercurial Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Echo or Dot. These digital assistants can turn your lights on or off, surf channels to find your requested movie or music, or even order food. The little gadget sits on a surface somewhere in your home, from which the Wifi connects it to the outside world. Some users even use it to call a cab, Lyft or Uber when the need arises.

Of course, you need a speaker to go with it – there are plenty of options on the market. It’s not quite a must-have in your personal digital arsenal yet; but it’s certainly a sign of things to come.

Home Security in the Digital Age

There have been home security options for some time now – even ones with the use of the cloud to upload and store video – but they usually come with contracts and fees. As an answer to the competition, devices such as the Canary are providing homeowners with hassle-free security options that give you control of your cameras from your smartphone. There are no hidden fees or contracts to be bothered with, and you can check the cameras from anywhere in if you’re on vacation.

Portable Energy Banks

With so many electronic gadgets in our pockets, bags and purses, power can be an issue sometimes. This is why portable chargers have started coming off the manufacturing lines in every size imaginable – from small ones to charge your smartphone several times during the day, to large ones best carried in a backpack. Look to well-known manufacturers such as Anker, RAVPower and Lumina to make sure your laptop and tablet get the juice when you’re away from a power outlet.

These are just a handful of the tech gadgets available to keep you tapped into the digital world. Although far from making you a cyborg, the ubiquity of these devices on your person is just a sign of more things to come.


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