What is Go! Girl Guides all about?

Created by Kelly Lewis, Go! Girl Guides publishes the world’s first series of travel guidebooks made specifically for women.  

So far we’ve created print & online guidebooks for Thailand, Argentina, Mexico, London and New York City, with a title on Costa Rica coming soon! 

Our country-by-country guidebooks give women the inside scoop on how to travel safely and affordably. We’ll tell you which hotels and hostels have the best security, what areas of town to avoid at night, how to navigate a local pharmacy and how to deal with catcalls abroad. We talk about everything from tampons to birth control, all to give you the head’s up on what to expect when you travel solo to a new country. We want you to get excited about traveling, and prepared to take on the world!

By Women, For Women

Our books are different– we’re tired of the black and white, gray guidebooks that don’t show the life of a country. Our guides are full-color, vibrant and laid out in a way that’s easy to navigate. We’ve also got some fun sections that others just don’t, including a food & recipes section, and a volunteer section, which lists free volunteer resources for that country.

We have an awesome audience and team that includes women from across the globe, and we’re growing fast!

Our guidebooks are written exclusively by female travelers, for female travelers.

Aside from your average who, what, where guidebook content, within our pages you will find Q&As with other female travelers who have explored and lived within this destination, as well as motivational essays written by women who are passionate about travel and adventure.

We believe that travel can be both stimulating and affordable.

We believe in having adventures that change lives.

We believe that every woman has the power within them to do extraordinary things.

We aim to offer women a comprehensive look at world travel within the guise of three topics: safety, affordability and fun. We want you to get up, get out and start traveling.. and then have resources geared specifically towards you to keep you out on the road.

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