Geocaching As You Travel: Treasure Hunting Abroad


There is a new activity trending among many adventurous travelers, and they call it Geocaching. It all started in the year 2000, when people began using Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to bury their treasures, or rather, ‘caches’, inside waterproof containers at any given coordinates for others to find. There used to be a time where the only people who enjoyed Geocaching were the ones who were most likely nerds or geeks in high school. Unfortunately, this time is no longer.

What’s this all about? 

With the rise of increasingly sophisticated technology, equipment that was once coveted, has now become commonplace in the average household. Any smartphone, tablet, or other portable multimedia device that can download GPS apps like Google Earth, can be used for the purpose of Geocaching. There is even an official website catered towards amateurs, so pretty much all of your Geocaching needs can be met at

At this point, you’re probably wondering what all the hype is? Maybe you’re asking, “Why should I waste precious battery life on this strange pastime?” Well, I can only speak for myself. Honestly, I can say that the treasures I have found with Geocaching were far greater than what I ever dug up from the ground.

For one, I find great pleasure in tricking my body into exercising, and I welcome any activity that can do this for me. Geocaching is great fun from the minute you start. So much fun, that you’ll automatically ignore the soreness branching its way up your quads, kicking the cupcakes out, and making its home in your glutes. I spent a summer Geocaching and lost like 10lbs of fat without even trying.

Geocaching is even more exciting when you have friends with you. Ever been in one of those awkward situations where nobody quite knows how to break the ice, or come up with another mediocre conversation piece? Geocaching can fix that. There is an indescribable factor that draws many to this hobby. Everyone involved becomes a part of the mission, with each footstep like a march closer to victory. The mystery in the hunt for the ‘treasure’ alone can subdue the urge to sometimes blurt out anything just to stop the pain of social silence. In truth, Geogaching is best done with an entourage.

Lastly, one really can score some valuable trinkets, silver coins, or even cash from Geocaching. Some Geocachers are quite generous in the gifts that they leave behind, allowing others after to them to hit ‘the Jackpot’ in a sense.

As always, there is etiquette to everything. Within Geocaching, it is common rule that you sign the logbook with the date, (sometimes they ask for country, state, or province also) and most importantly, it is expected of anyone who retrieves a cache, to replace the gift with one of their own. This is part of the Geocaching culture, to ‘give the gift that keeps on giving’. So whenever you want to add some excitement to your day trip, or if you just want to step outside of the normal touristy routine, then maybe you should consider Geocaching. I can guarantee that whatever you dig up, will have far more meaning and personal value than some overpriced souvenir at yet another tourist trap.

Have you ever tried Geocaching? What treasures did you find?


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