Semester at Sea: We’re Sailing Around the Atlantic!


I’m about to fulfill a lifelong dream.

I haven’t really spoken much about my life recently on GGG, but I’ve been hired as the PR Coordinator for Semester at Sea!

Semester at Sea is a study abroad program taught while sailing to exotic destinations aboard the legendary ship, MV Explorer. You probably remember them from that one season when Road Rules did a Semester at Sea (with crazy Veronica), and if you’ve never heard of them, well, you’re about to start hearing their name pretty often around here.

It’s been a whirlwind of a year: we just finished publishing our Argentina and Mexico guidebooks (check out our store), and now, in two weeks, I’ll be setting out for an epic voyage that involves sailing to 14 countries in 4 months, while blogging about it all and trying not to throw my boyfriend overboard.

Will I still be working on Go! Girl Guides?

You’d better believe it. Every place I go I’ll be gathering information for upcoming guidebooks, posting photos, hosting contests and doing some fun giveaways. We have a team in place on the ground to keep up with sending out orders for guidebooks and posting to the website. So, you’ll see a bit more content about life at sea, but you’ll like it. I promise.

How did I get the job with Semester at Sea?

I don’t even know. I just applied on their website and crossed my fingers. Check out the site for job listings that fit your expertise!

Where am I going?

our Semester at Sea itinerary

Follow along! I’ll be posting a lot on my personal blog, TravelBugJuice, and on Semester at Sea at, News from the Helm.

Twitter: @gogirlguides @travelbugjuice

See you all soon!


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