3 Self-Care Vacation Ideas


Taking time off work is an essential part of looking after yourself throughout the year. Whether it’s a long weekend at home to recuperate and reset or a week-long adventure in an exotic location half-way across the world, there are plenty of ways to reset your brain after a few months of solid work.

While lying on a beach soaking in those glorious summer rays will make you feel re-energized, there are definitely more creative ways to boost your soul and provide all the enthusiasm you’ll need to get back to the nine to five. Taking a self-care vacation and partaking in an activity that will improve your wellbeing is becoming an increasingly popular trend and will be much more beneficial than a vacation filled with mojitos and rosé.

Mindfulness & Yoga

Many vacation retreats offer an introduction to mindfulness and yoga these days, a practice that will re-center your attention back to your own body and breath and help you become more present in daily life. It’s a wonderful activity if you really want to unwind and quieten your brain, which is usually full of work obligations and concerns.

Learning the basics on vacation will not only provide a truly relaxing retreat but provide you with the tools to improve your mental wellbeing when you return to work. Many meditation centers also offer mindfulness teacher training, which could either turn into a new career path for you or perhaps give you the opportunity to offer mindfulness sessions within the workplace when you return.


Heading to the coast and spending time by the sea is often top of the list when choosing your next vacation destination, so consider indulging in an ocean activity while you’re away. Surfing is a great sport for beginners to enjoy and allows you to spend time in the great outdoors, something that does wonders for your mental health.

Why not sign up for a surfing retreat and meet like-minded individuals that could become great friends. You’ll have your surfing schedule in place for the week, and the guidance of expert surfing instructors will be provided, this is a great way to travel if you’d rather leave the organizing to someone else. They’ll be plenty of time to relax and stretch out your body after a day at the beach, before refueling with an evening meal full of the local cuisine.


Exercising on vacation is always a good idea when you spend a huge amount of time stuck behind a desk when you’re at home, and fitness is an essential part of boosting your physical and mental health.

Active escapes offer fitness retreats in some amazing locations right across the world that will make you feel refreshed when you return to work instead of feeling sluggish and hopefully motivate you to continue the exercise regime when you’re at home. Expert trainers are on hand to create tailored workouts for you and your group, and there’s plenty of time for relaxation and fun along the way.


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