Three Heart Pumping Adventures in Albany, NY


Most of us who travel to New York do so with one concentrated area in mind: NYC. While the city is amazing, and filled with all sorts of charm, there is a lot to be said for the rest of the Empire State. Albany, the state’s capitol, is 3 hours north of NYC by train and is home to a handful of below-the-radar adventure gems. Don’t let the threat of polar vortex snow keep you downstate.  Head up to Albany and check out these fun, adrenaline soaked, indoor adventures. And, when the weather warms up again, head to our third recommendation.

Here are some great adventures in Albany:

A.I.R Rock Gym:  The Albany Indoor Rock Gym is located just above the state capitol area, on Central Avenue.  This rock gym has floor to ceiling cracks, overhangs, and dozens of bouldering routes to problem solve with a crew of friends.  No need to come with gear; you can rent climbing shoes and harnesses on the spot.  There is plenty of top rope climbing to do, from beginner to advanced, so bring a travel companion, and get a quick belay lesson from the staff.  No experience is required to climb, and there is a climbing “happy hour” from 3-6p, where admission is at a discounted rate.  AIR also has a cave system built within and above the climbing walls—the only one in the nation.  Be prepared for a wild, dark adventure that gives way to a 60 foot zip line… if you can find your way out!

Flight Trampoline Park:  Located up the street from A.I.R rock gym and 11 miles from downtown Albany, Flight is an old Sear’s warehouse that has been converted into a bright orange trampoline park.  Enter at your own risk and pay for your “flight” on arrival.  You can jump for as little as 30 minutes or as long as 2 hours.  Once your “flight” is announced the previous jumpers clear out, leaving you to dive from trampoline to trampoline, do tricks on multiple half pipes, play dodgeball with fellow jumpers or practice your stunt double audition on an inflated crash pad.  You can do all of this under blaring club music and $9.  There are a total of 50 trampolines connected, so don’t underestimate this as being a killer workout.

Adirondack Extreme Canopy Adventure:    I went to Adirondack Extreme on a first date, and for a lady who lives for adventures in the woods, this spot melted my heart and pushed my body to the limit.  AE is open from April-November and is about an hour drive from Albany.  This adventure heaven is totally outside and totally worth it, therefore, hit it up when the snow melts.  This place is insane; it has over 1.5 miles of Adirondack tree-top obstacle elements.  You harness up and are double clipped onto the course as you traverse wobbly bridges, climbing walls, cargo nets, and swinging wooden elements.  The whole course gets progressively higher and more difficult, but rest assured, if you get too tired to push on, the field staff assists you down in the blink of an eye.  $50 gets you the whole course plus a giant surprise ending.  Head into Lake George afterwards for local micro-brews and burgers.

Once you’ve had your adventure fix, jump on the Amtrak and head back on down to NYC and go explore all of the art and culture it has to offer!    

What other adventures have you experienced in Albany?


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