Time For Adventure in Livingstone, Zambia


If you are in search of an adrenaline booster on your African adventure, look no further than Livingstone, Zambia. Located in the south of the country on the Zambezi River right next to the Zimbabwe border, this friendly little European influenced town is jam-packed with exhilarating activities.

Perhaps the most famous attraction is bungee jumping from the bridge at Victoria Falls. The fall is 111 meters and you get to see the Victoria Falls upside down as you dangle over the river. One jump costs $157.

White water rafting down the Zambezi River is another hugely popular activity. There are tours that just last a day, or you can opt to spend several days rafting and camping on the river. However, many times during the high water season, February – June, the abundant rain has rendered the river too dangerous and all trips are cancelled. July through January is the best time to go. Similar day and overnight trips can also be done in kayaks or canoes, a less adrenaline-induced option. Trips can be booked at Bundu Adventures and prices range from $160-$200 including meals.

Abseiling and gorge swinging at Abseil Zambia is another option. You can book each activity separately, or pay $163 for lunch and a full day of zip lining, front and back abseiling (scaling down the side of a cliff) or jumping from a cliff on the gorge swing.

A microflight, or a ride in a tiny airplane, over the falls is another way to take in it’s majestic power. A 15 minute flight costs about $175.

Visitors can also go on safari, go horseback riding, go quad biking, take a helicopter ride, visit the crocodile farm, take a sunset booze cruise on the Zambezi, go on tours around the town, and many more options. A great launching point for any of the activities is Jollyboys Backpackers, which provides up to date prices and information on all activities, and Livingstone Backpackers. Both of these places are safe and have a friendly, relaxed backpacker vibe.

There’s plenty to do and see in Livingstone that you can’t find anywhere else in Africa, all in one spot!


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