Travel and Education: How to Start Writing Researches about Kenyan Culture


Kenyan Culture is one of the richest and most unique cultures worldwide. As such, it makes for a perfect dissertation topic. However, as any dissertation, this will be a really big challenge for you. This is especially the case if you’re planning on writing your dissertation while traveling.

Still, writing a dissertation while traveling does not have to be so hard. The process is pretty much the same, so all you need is a good system and proper organization to keep you going. That being said, below you’ll find a great guide on how to write a dissertation from a distance.

Step 1: Find the Time

When on the road, it is easy to get distracted and start procrastinating. This is why you must find a set time for research and writing and follow your plan. Don’t think that you’ll write whenever you have the time. If you do this, you’ll hardly meet the dissertation deadline.

So, if you want to learn how to write a dissertation quickly, the answer lies in organization. Stick a timeframe for research, writing and editing into your schedule. Be flexible and make sure to leave extra room for unexpected tasks and problems.

Find your peak time and use that to write your dissertation. This will reduce the time needed to finish it and give you more time to enjoy your travels.

Step 2: Start with the Research

You can’t just dive into the topic without knowing plenty about it. If you leave the research for while you’re writing, you’ll spend a lot more time on this. No one wants that.

So, research goes first. When you research the Kenyan culture topic, you must be prepared to go through many materials and resources. Their culture is an amazing topic for a dissertation, but there’s so much to know about it if you want your dissertation to be great.

If you’re having troubles with the writing part, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Find a good service and say: write my research papers for me. There are many good writers that will do this in the deadline you provide them with.

Food and Economy

Do you know what Kenyans eat? Food is one big part of people’s country, so make sure to learn all about this before you get started. Learn about their popular porridge posho, the ugali cornmeal staple, and other things that make Kenyan people unique and popular for their cuisine.

Studying the nutrition of people does not only include their dishes. Learn about their ceremonial occasions that include food, as well as their food customs. This is a great part of their culture.

This also includes research of their major industries and trades, which should inform you of their division of labor and their working habits.

Social Stratification

Explore every aspect of social stratification, such as castes and classes, poverty and wealth, as well as the social stratification symbols. Thing like this will tell you a lot about the Kenyan culture. For example, in the herders like Masai, the wealth is measured in cattle and number of children. The ethnic group Rendille considers a woman’s hairstyle a sign of her marital status and her number of children, if any.

Gender Status and Roles

Kenyan people have very specific customs and understandings when it comes to gender. There’s a division of labor and, unfortunately, women are still treated as less than men in the country. In fact, some say that women are second class in Kenya and the amount of work they do is disproportionate and they get physically abused very often.

Family and Kinship

Kenya is a polygamous country even today. It’s less typical and frequent, but this still exists with men that are able to support bigger families. In polygamous families, men build different huts for each wife and the children he has with her. The older boys usually have their own houses, too, and they are the heirs of the inheritance.

Etiquette and Religions

Kenyans are kind and friendly people. They put great importance in greetings and are highly hospitable. When it comes to religion, the population is mixed, mostly between Protestant and Roman Catholics. Also, they have many holy places and religious practitioners who cure people of evil spirits and diseases.

Step 3: Do an Outline

With all that research data you collected, make an outline. It doesn’t have to be perfect – you’ll be the only one to see it. Just try to find a spot for every bit of data you’re planning to use. When you have this, you’ll do much better in writing your draft.

Step 4: Write the Paper

Following the outline, write the first draft of your essay. You don’t have to focus on accuracy or details. Just go with the flow. There will be many revisions to follow, which makes it the best if you simply write without stopping to preserve your idea flow.

Final Thoughts

By following these steps, you can write an amazing paper on the Kenyan culture. This is one extraordinary topic that will keep the reader interested and intrigued. Remember to be original and take your time. Good luck!

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