How to Budget for Egypt: Entrance Fees to The Main Attractions


Planning a trip through Egypt and wondering how to budget? We’ve got you covered! 

We just traveled Egypt with our women’s tour company Damesly, and it was awesome! From Cairo to Aswan and Luxor, Egypt is a magical country with a history like nowhere else. After all, this is the birthplace of civilization — where history spans back over a millenium. 

Here are the highlights of Egypt, and how much the entrance fees cost. 


You can’t visit Cairo without seeing the pyramids. But the Great Pyramids of Giza aren’t the only pyramids here! Don’t miss a chance to visit Saqqara, the oldest pyramid and the first known structure on Earth. From there, visit the Red and Bent pyramids. End your tour by visiting the Pyramids of Giza, the youngest of all. 

Saqqara Entrance Fee: 80 EGP
Serapeum at Saqqara (don’t miss this!): 150 EGP
Mit Rahina: 60 EGP
Dahshur/ Red and Bent Pyramid Entrance Fee: 60 EGP (includes entrance into red pyramid)
Giza Entrance Fee: 600 EGP

After you’ve seen the pyramids, head for a visit to the Egyptian Museum. You have to pay extra to enter into the mummy room, but it’s well worth the additional cost. Hire a guide outside to explain the museum to you, as many of the sights here do not have plaques or explanations in English. 

Egyptian Museum Entrance Fee: 200 EGP
Mummy Room: 180 EGP


The main highlights of Aswan include a visit to the unfinished obelisk. I didn’t find it super fascinating, but if you’re into history or science, you might be interested in hearing about how the ancient Egyptians sculpted obelisks to tell time. 

The other thing to see in Aswan includes the Phillae Temple. 

Philae Temple Entrance Fee: 50 EGP
Unfinished Obelisk: 80 EGP

From Aswan, you absolutely should plan a trip to Abu Simbel. This impressive temple has some of the most massive statues you will see in Egypt. It’s a three hour drive from Aswan, but totally worth it.

Abu Simbel Entrance Fee: 240 EGP
Getting to Abu Simbel: Expect to pay about $200 USD round trip for a van to take you to and from Abu Simbel.


Ready for the big kahunas? Many of Egypt’s most famous temples are found in Luxor. Most people spend a day or two in Luxor, but you could easily fill five days here and not get burned out. 

Here are the expenses associated with some of the biggest sites in Luxor. PS: if you have to choose between Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens, opt for the Valley of the Kings. 

Karnak Entrance Fee: 200 EGP (see it at sunset)
Luxor Temple Entrance Fee: 160 EGP (see it at night!)

Luxor Temple at night

Valley of the Kings Entrance Fee: 240 EGP
Your Valley of the Kings entrance fee includes entrance to three tombs. You can purchase additional tomb entrances (and you should!). We visited King Ramses III on a separate ticket and it was amazing! The tombs can get quite hot with all the tourists — private tomb tickets are a game changer when you’re hot and exhausted from shuffling! Pro tip: Pay for a ticket to ride the tram to the tombs! 
King Ramses III Tomb Entrance Fee: 100 EGP
Tutankhamen Tomb: 100 EGP

Hatchepsout Temple (Al-Deir Al Bahari Temple) 65 EGP
Valley of the Queens: 1000 EGP for entrance to three tombs

Hopefully this helps you in budgeting for Egypt! For more tips on Egypt, check out our related articles. 

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