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Mt. Kilimanjaro? Check. Incredible safaris? Check. Plenty of opportunities for romance beneath a star-filled sky? Check check check!

We’ve been dreaming about Tanzania for years, ever since we started seeing gorgeous photos of Tanzania honeymoons and simultaneously became jealous and determined to find a boyfriend and bring him there immediately.

But Tanzania is awesome for solo female travelers too! Here are some great sights in Tanzania you have to see!

  • Serengeti National Park: If you’re looking for a gorgeous place to go on safari, it doesn’t get much better than Serengeti. Head out for your chance to spot the big 5, but be sure to respect the land, the people and the animals by leaving as small of a footprint as possible.
  • Mt. Kilimanjaro: Trekking to Mt. Kili’s peak is a right of passage for many. The trek will take you past ice fields, grasslands and desert sands for an incredible view at the top, and incredible sense of accomplishment.
  • ZANZIBAR: I mean, come on people. Zanzibar has everything you want and then some: exotic, pristine beaches, turquoise water and all of the tropical fruit you can handle. It’s paradise!
  • Karatu: Get off the beaten path and get to know the locals in the small village of Karatu. Set in the highlands and surrounded by coffee plantations, this town is the ideal spot to get off the tourist track a bit and relax.
  • Ngorongoro Crater: If, like all little girls, you dreamed of going on a safari in a giant crater that’s over 10 miles wide, Ngorongoro Crater is the place for you. The area is visually stunning, and also home to enormous concentrations of African wildlife.

What are your favorite areas of Tanzania?


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