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Is going to a meditation or yoga retreat on your travel bucket list? Personally, I keep going back and forth as to whether this is really for me and whether I should try one in Asia. There are over 100 yoga retreat options within Asia, and with a whole lot of destination options 0 how is one to choose?

A friend of mine went to Kaama Kethna yoga retreat, located in Goa, India, over Christmas and I grilled her about it to see what it’s really like. Here’s is the feedback I got as well as Goa as a location:

She went to Kaama Kethna, which is a yoga retreat run by two Germans. The place is shiny and new; her hut had just been finished the day she arrived. There’s a big emphasis on open-style architecture. Bathrooms are pretty much open air and include squat toilets, but they are very nicely done.

In addition to accommodation, the price includes two yoga classes a day. The first class is at 8am, and then there’s a really good brunch. After, you can take complementary transportation to the nearby beach for the day. You have to get back yourself, but that costs about US$1, if that. The second yoga class is at 6pm, then dinner, and then most go to bed around 9pm.

The place is in the middle of the jungle. Yoga classes are outside, and occasionally, monkeys will play in the trees above the class (there are nets, so it’s not totally out in the open). Some cons she pointed out were that, if it weren’t for the monkeys, you could be anywhere. The place is quite popular with 40-something Brits and Germans, so it’s very Westernized.

Another con she pointed out was that every Friday and Sunday nights, two beaches over, there were big all-night parties and it was hard to sleep on account of the noise. She also noted that it was too expensive, at several hundred Euros, for what you received. Her main pro was that the food was great – so you can eat up as you work out!

Goa, India is a popular destination for up and coming yoga retreats. They are generally running from October through May for the best weather/season.

I am still left undecided as to whether I should try out this kind of retreat! I’d love to hear if anyone has been to this particular retreat or any others and what they think about it.

What’s your best/worst retreat experience and have any of you experienced one within India?


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