Springtime in Seoul: 5 Things to do


Springtime in Seoul is magical. The country is finally emerging from its cold weather coma, and it’s time to celebrate the beauty that is Seoul (and its surrounding areas) in the springtime.

Here are 5 fun things to do in Seoul during Spring.

1) Check out the Spring festivals

Starting in March with the St. Patrick’s Day festival, the spring season offers a variety of free, outdoor parties, guaranteed to bring together Koreans and foreigners alike.

In May, the country takes a break to celebrate Children’s Day on the fifth and Buddha’s Birthday on the 10th, which is celebrated with the Lotus Lantern festival. The festivals are colorful, loud, and worth checking out.

Springtime in Seoul is magical. Look at the cherry blossoms!

2) Go See the Cherry Blossoms

The best part of spring is definitely the cherry blossoms.  While you can see these pink and white fluffy flowers just about anywhere, for the best views spend an afternoon at Hangang Park, where you can ride bikes along the Han River.

If you really want to geek out, rent a tandem bike.

3) Visit Everland

Located about an hour outside of Seoul, this theme park is Korea’s version of Disneyland. Complete with rides, performances, parades, and a zoo, there’s more than enough to keep you occupied.

In the spring, Everland is home to more tulips than you can count, blooming along the walkways. Don’t miss a chance to visit Everland during the next springtime in Seoul. It’s perfect for a weekend in Seoul!

Go hiking in Seoul in Spring.

4) Go Hiking

It’s basically Korea’s national pastime.

The country is covered in mountains, and the hiking possibilities are endless, especially if you have a little time to travel around the country.

I recently hiked Jagged Ridge – a mountain that dominates a little island off the southern coast that provided amazing 360 degree ocean views. It was about 6 hours from Seoul by bus.

If your time is limited, you can always check out Namsan Mountain in Myeongdong, to see how locals climb and drink their way up a mountain at frightening speeds.

5) Check out the outdoor shopping

It’s finally enjoyable to shop outside again, instead of racing from store to store. While there is great street shopping in nearly every area of Seoul, be sure to check out Insadong for more traditional Korean items and souvenirs (and visit the only Starbucks in the world whose sign is written in the country’s native language).

For more modern and trendy fare (and more knock-offs than you’ll know what to do with) head to Myeongdong, but beware: it’s crowded.

Have you experienced Springtime in Seoul? What kind of activities did you do?


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Claire is a recent college grad turned expat, who is currently teaching English in South Korea. When she's not exploring Korea and writing about it, Claire enjoys fantasizing about future trips, shopping, dancing, and drinking dangerous amounts of caffeine. She plans to move to Buenos Aires in 2012. You can follow her adventures at www.sokogigglygirl.wordpress.com.


  1. Hi Claire,

    Just read this article because I’m also an expat in Seoul. And, as a coincidence, I’m really hoping to get to Buenos Aires in late 2012!

  2. That is a seriously strange coincidence. . . but I guess not, considering Seoul and Buenos Aires are two AMAZING cities! What part of Seoul do you live in? What’s your story?

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