4 Reasons to Pick Thailand for Your Next Holiday Trip


Traveling on your own is an adventure and going to a place as exciting as Thailand is more than enough to get anyone excited. Here’s why you’ll want to put it on your list for solo female travel destinations:

Plenty of temples to see

If you love temples, you’re bound to get your fair share of them in the Land of Smiles. From reaching the heights of Wat Arun to walking around and basking in the splendor of the Grand Palace, you have plenty of places to gawk at and geek out at like the excited and giddy tourist you are.

Shopping for miles

If you love to shop—and who doesn’t?—then Thailand is one of the best countries to go to for your women traveling solo. Bop over from Terminal 1 to MBK or walk from Siam Paragon to Siam Square. You could also explore the night markets in Pratunam and check out a ton of great deals. And don’t forget to plan your trip carefully to take advantage of the weekend market in Bangkok—Jatujak. Anyone who’s ever been to Bangkok knows this is a must-see. If you can handle miles and miles of shops and stalls as far as your eye could see, then you’ll need to put this on top of your list for your must-see places in Thailand.

Exceptional beaches

One of the best things about Thailand as one of the best solo female travel destinations are the beaches. If you love spending a few days under sun, sky, and sea, then hit the beaches of Thailand. With a lot of expats around, you’re bound to make plenty of friends here.

Great food

Local food is part of the experience so don’t skip these. Try the sticky rice with mango, pad thai and the famous Tom Yum. There’s a reason why it’s number one on CNN’s list for must-try dishes in Thailand. Don’t forget to try out the country’s street-food as well. Who needs Pringles when you have bugs, spiders, and beetles to munch on? Tip: Do try the coconut ice cream sold in the floating markets as well as in Jatujak. It’s the perfect refreshment on a hot and humid day.
These are more than enough reasons for why Thailand is a favorite out of the many solo women traveler destinations in the world. Discover the fun and excitement when you start planning your trip. Hit our guidebooks here.


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