Five Things You Have To Do In Melbourne


Melbourne is one of the most exciting cities in Australia and this vibrant metropolis has a strong connection with the arts. While the city boasts dozens of interesting attractions, the following five things should not be missed by first time visitors to Melbourne.

Luna Park
This vibrant amusement park is a popular attraction with families that are visiting Melbourne. Luna Park can be found to the south of Melbourne’s pretty pier and boasts a wide range of exciting rides such as ghost trains, carousels and pirate ships. The entrance to Luna Park is formed by a giant mount and one of the most popular rides here is the Scenic Railway, which was built in 1912 and is the oldest roller coaster in the world that is still in operation. The park also hosts a several large music festivals throughout the year, including the Push Over festival, which takes place each year at the end of March.

Melbourne Museum
This interesting and informative institution is the largest museum in the whole of Australia and features several well-planned natural history exhibits. Many of the displays here are fully interactive, which really brings Melbourne’s rich history to life. One of the many highlights of the Melbourne Museum is the Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Centre, which offers visitors the opportunity to learn all about Australia’s oldest inhabitants. Over impressive exhibitions here include an insect and butterfly collection, a real blue whale skeleton and a picturesque indoor rain forest that nature lovers are sure to adore.

Queen Victoria Market (pictured)
This large market is the perfect place to browse for bargains and shoppers will find hundreds of stalls here located in both indoor and outdoor areas. Just about everything imaginable under the sun is available to buy here, while the Queen Victoria Market also features stalls that serve up a huge selection of different kinds of ethnic food for hungry shoppers to snack on.

St Kilda
This charming suburb has a lot to offer visitors, such as a large selection of shops, excellent restaurants and pretty beaches. St Kilda is also home to Albert Park, where the F1 Grand Prix is held every year. Of course, if you’re planning on spending time exploring Melbourne independently, make sure that you arrange travel insurance before you leave home so that they you’re fully covered every step of the way.

Melbourne Zoo
Animal lovers of all ages are sure to be enchanted by Melbourne Zoo, which was established back in 1862. Visitors will want to allow several hours to explore, as Melbourne Zoo is home to more than three thousand different animals including all of Australia’s weird and wonderful native creatures such as the platypus a dingoes. One of the great things about Melbourne Zoo is that the animals here are kept in natural habitats instead of steel cages and the butterfly house is certainly worth a visit, while other animals that can be found here include lowland gorillas and cute koalas.

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