How to Find an Australian 4WD Rental Company


There’s nothing more liberating than a girls-only road trip, except maybe one through Australia. Given that Australia is one of the safest places for female travelers to go solo, it should be near the top of your list for worldly road trips.
Whether you opt to go solo or with friends, first you need to find a 4wd rental company that can take you where you need to go. Here are some considerations of what to look for when finding you wheels for the trip of a lifetime.

Why 4WD?

If you want to see Australia at its finest, prepare to get off the beaten path and travel some tough roads. After all, deserts and rainforests aren’t exactly known for their smooth pavement and well-maintained potholes. Getting a 4WD vehicle will ensure that you have the horsepower to get out of some sticky spots, whether they be mudholes or sand dunes.


Be sure to find a 4WD rental company that offers camping gear as a part of their rental package. This gives you the freedom to venture away from the more densely populated areas and enjoy a night under the stars. Unlike some countries, Australia doesn’t have set laws about pulling over on the side of the road and camping. However, be sure there are no laws regarding the specific area you’re in– such as protected Aboriginal land– before pitching a tent.

Australia is filled with National Parks and camping facilities that offer running water and generator hookup options. Having camping gear as a part of your rental means that you don’t have to drag what you need through the commercial airline system. Furthermore, you won’t miss out on some of the natural highlights by being relegated to a hotel.

Pick-up and Drop-off Options

Find a 4WD rental company that doesn’t require you to drop off your vehicle at the same place you picked it up. That is, you’ll want a company with various locations. This is especially helpful if you have a limited amount of time in the country or if you want to fly into one area and fly home from another.

Knowing the various pick-up and drop-off locations can also help you form an itinerary and determine where you want to go during your road trip. Better yet, find a company that has suggested itineraries so that some of the legwork is done for you.

Safety Precautions

When you find the right vehicle for your incredible Australian road trip, take a moment before heading out to practice proper safety precautions. If you plan on sticking along the coastal roads, you should be fine in terms of gasoline, food, water, and supplies. If your journey is taking you inland or toward the desert, you need to carefully measure the distances you will be traveling.

You may find yourself in a spot where there isn’t another gas station around for miles. A few wrong turns later, you could be in a messy situation. Planning accordingly and bringing extra fuel, food, and water is of the utmost importance when traveling in Australia. Regardless of how well you’ve planned things, tell someone where you are going and set check-in times to guarantee your safety.

While there are no obvious dangers to female travelers that male travelers wouldn’t face, it’s important to be cautious. Australia has a plethora of dangerous creatures to watch out for. If you see a sign on a beautiful beach that says “no swimming allowed” don’t go in the water. If you see a bug you can’t identify, don’t touch it. If you see an adorable wild koala or kangaroo, remember that despite being adorable, they’re still wild animals and can be dangerous.

With the proper tools and the right mindset, your road trip through Australia will be the adventure of a lifetime. Take lots of photos, reflect upon the natural beauty, and enjoy every moment.


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