Melbourne Private Touring: What You Need to Know


Do you want to have fun in Melbourne? Learn more about some interesting spots in this guide.

When traveling through Melbourne, there are tons of interesting things to see. But, you’ll have to use Melbourne private tours in order to enjoy the city fully. And if you’re looking for some of the best spots to hang at, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to see some of the most fun spots and museums in Melbourne!

Use a Map

Maps might have been used during the old days of Google, but it’s great to know where you’re going. You might be able to find maps in most shelters and train stations. We suggest that you look at the Inner Melbourne app on your phone if you need to direct yourself when walking.


While they are expensive, taxis are a great mode of transportation for travelers and are easy to spot. Most taxis are painted yellow, white, or silver. While you can flag one down if you see it, taxi apps such as Uber and Gett are available.

Myki Cards

Melbourne’s Myki cards are the most efficient way to travel through the city. Basically, its a top-up card on all of Melbourne’s buses, trains, and trams. The top-up spots are found at local grocery stores. For tourists, we suggest that you obtain one of these cards to make your commute faster and more efficient.

Melbourne International Comedy Festival

What is It?

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is held every year during March/April. As its name suggests, it’s an international festival that takes over each corner of Melbourne’s Central Business District, and it’s hard to miss.

Why Should I Go?

The entire city talks about the shows that are available, the yellow-and-pink banner line CBD streets; and their audience gravitates towards the Town Hall. Go to this event if you’re ready to experience a couple of laughs during a night out in Melbourne.

View The Historic Convent

Australia is known for some beautiful churches, but none of them beat the Abbotsford Convent. The convent began in the late 1800s and became a commercial aged care facility, laundry, and child care center.

These days, it’s a hub for community radio broadcasters, teachers, makers, and artists – as well as an interesting place to explore.

Why Go?

You can take Melbourne private tours to the Abbotsford Convent. You can feel the weight of the area as soon as you look at the gothic spires in the convent. And it’s a good place to roam, or relax amongst the gardens and the green hills.

Watch Melbourne From an Air Balloon

Hot air balloons aren’t just for the countryside – they also fly over Melbourne’s beautiful city.

Why Should I Go?

If you can deal with getting out of bed before dawn, then this flight is worth it. Unsurprisingly there isn’t a lot of people around during sunrise, and drifting over the city lights is a surreal feeling. Where you begin and land your air balloon is always a mystery because the flights tend to be determined by the day’s conditions – this means that you might see some of your favorite locations in Melbourne or find new points of interest.


When traveling in Melbourne, private tours are a great way to get immersed in their culture. And with this guide, we hope that you’ve found some interesting places while in one of Australia’s largest cities. Conclusively, take advantage of the Melbourne private tours so that you can have the best international traveling experience!


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