Capturing Beauty: 3 Female Travel Photographers We Love


Every traveler that returns home from a journey will likely have enough photos to fill numerous albums, but professional photographers take the art to another level.

These three female photographers have shared a dazzling array of landscapes and photos through their online galleries, and we can’t get enough. Whether you’re seeking some online inspiration for your next trip abroad or are aiming to become an amateur travel photographer yourself, these websites will be sure to leave you in awe of the beauty to be found while traveling.

Erica Camille

A Brooklyn native, Erica’s photography showcases her journeys through Mali, New Zealand, South Africa and more. Her work provides a great balance between portraits, landscapes, and wildlife photography, providing a great overview of both the location and the people that she meets. Her work on the Dogon culture, found in West Africa, is held at the Providence Museum of Natural History as part of a semi-permanent collection.

Photo by Nevada Wier

Nevada Wier

Nevada Wier has traveled the world, but her work has a distinct focus on Southeast Asia. Based out of Sante Fe, New Mexico, Wier has been published in numerous books and has been included in both print- and video-based National Geographic projects. She also leads photography workshops in the Santa Fe area and photo tours around the globe.


Lebawit “Lily” Girma 

It’s time to travel to Central America to showcase Lebawit “Lily” Girma, our last photographer.  A self-called “Culture-holic”, her recent work in Belize showcases both the landscapes and people that make it amazing. She will be writing the 10th edition of the Moon Guides’ guidebook Moon Belize and is the founder of the blog Sun[Shine] and Stilettos ( .

Editor’s Note: There are dozens of travel photographers that we love, and bloggers who also take great travel shots. If you’re itching for more great travel pics, check out Kirsten Alana’s pictures at Aviators and a Camera, or the great shots from Christine on Almost Fearless and Jodi on Legal Nomads, some of our other faves.

Who would you add to this list?


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