3 Female Travel Blogs We Love


Do you long to travel but feel trapped in your corporate job?  Take a look at three girl travel bloggers who dared to run away from it all and read about their amazing adventures.  They may differ in the way they travel or the destinations they choose, but they all travel solo and unafraid as they experience the world!

Abi King – ER Doctor Turned Journalist

Abi describes her travel blog, Inside the Travel Lab, as independent cultural travel and adventure.  It is definitely that, and so much more.  Inspiration to travel, to experience cultures, to cook ethnic dishes, and to make the world smile.  Her writing has a fresh feel and keeps me engaged and wanting more.  Abi breaks her blog up into categories like “Make Me Smile” and “Tempt Me” instead of a strict chronological listing, which is quirky and only adds to her charm.

Recent posts by Abi you shouldn’t miss : Where in the World is Ljubljana and A Beautiful Moment

Jodi Ettenberg – The Legal Nomad

Jodi left the legal profession to travel in 2008 and luckily for us she documents her journey on LegalNomads.com.  She is a careful writer, posting less often than some travel bloggers and choosing quality over quantity.  Jodi creates some of the most colorful photo essays I’ve seen and she artfully captures the essence of her surroundings.  But I may love Jodi’s great sense of humor the most.  Who else would keep count of the times she’s been crapped on?

Recent posts by Jodi you shouldn’t miss : Essaouira, Morocco and Climbing Gros Morne in Newfoundland

Sherry Ott – The Corporate American Runaway

Sherry ran from her corporate IT job in 2006 and has never looked back.  As a 40-something woman constantly traveling solo, she constantly fields questions about her life choices.  But she loves her life and is proud of her decisions – and her writing reflects that.  Her blog, OttsWorld.com, frequently takes us off the beaten path and always shows us a world full of beauty.

Recent posts by Sherry you shouldn’t miss : How to Fit in Like a Local in Barcelona and Oahu’s Wild Leeward Coast

There are SO many amazing women who travel and write. Which blogs do you follow? What are your favorites?


About Author

Amy had rarely strayed from her native Texas before her college years. Now the wife of an airline pilot, Amy travels as often as she is able... and can find a plane with an empty seat! She always hits the airport with a binder of possibilities and can't wait for the next adventure. Amy also works at the popular travel blog Everything Everywhere and you can follow her twitter persona @everywhereamy


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