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Our goin’ girl for this week regularly kayaks, climbs and treks her way through her favorite destinations. Check out Angela’s thoughts on traveling as a small town girl, why it’s important to travel local, and more, in this week’s Girls That Go!

GGG: Howdy! Welcome to Girls That Go! Let’s start with introductions – What’s your name, where are you from and how did you get your start traveling?

My name is Angela, and I am from a small town in Pennsylvania. Growing up, most of my travel included camping trips all over PA and NY states. My first large trip was to Disney World in the 1st grade. When I was 15, my family had a foreign exchange student from Venezuela. My parents allowed my sister and I to travel home with her for a month and live with her family, which was not usually part of the exchange program. I am forever grateful for the experience. I think living in Venezuela sparked an interest to study abroad, which I was able to do in college. My study abroad experience in France made me want to see more of the world, sparking my interest for travel.

GGG: Great! So your tagline is “A small town girl traveling through life.” Do you think that being a “small town girl” impacted your travel style? If so, how?

What a great question! Since I grew up in a small town, I think my travels demonstrate my love for the outdoors and not only characterizing countries based on the large cities. I try to see more of the natural beauty of each country I visit. I usually find myself getting bored with museums and looking at buildings. When I talk to others while traveling, most people who want to visit the United States want to see Miami, LA, or NYC. I always try to suggest checking out some of our national parks as well.
GGG: Along those lines, you do a ton of adventure travel, like kayaking and mountaineering. Can you share a few highlights of places where you’ve done that kind of travel?
My favorite country was New Zealand. Even though it was a short 2.5 week trip, I was able to pack in kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, and white water rafting. Also, Chile and Argentina are great places for overnight backpacking trips with gorgeous terrain! I am currently sharing my New Zealand trip as part of my Travel Throwback Thursday series and plan on writing about my South America trip in the future.
GGG: Cool, we’ll have to check it out. Where are you still looking forward to doing more outdoor adventure travel?
I have been wanting to go to Africa for wildlife and the mountains. It would be amazing to climb Kilimanjaro one day. Also, there are still so many US national parks I still have to visit, hike, and camp in!
GGG: You don’t often stay in hostels. What are some tips to save money on lodging while traveling for those who prefer more privacy?
angela 2
When traveling, I try to camp as much as possible. However, since I usually travel with my boyfriend, it is easier for us to find a private room at a hostel or stay in a Bed and Breakfast where we pay for the room as opposed to per person. Sometimes it is not cost effective for us to pay the per person rate when we can split the cost of a room. It is still very possible to find inexpensive accommodations for couples that have some privacy. It just depends on the type of trip we go on.
GGG: If you could get a free round-trip ticket to any country right now, where would it be and why?
I could list so many places, but I would say Africa for the reasons before. If my trip was entirely paid for, then my choice would most likely be Antarctica, but I can’t fly there.
GGG: We’ll pretend it’s an all-expenses paid trip, then 🙂 Now you live in the Pacific Northwest in the USA, and have some great posts and tips for people wanting to explore that region. Why do you think it’s important to travel localy, too?
I have a full time job and blog on the side. I think it is important to travel locally to escape your regular routines and challenge yourself. It makes me a better person when I challenge myself and learn my internal limits. Traveling local also helps rejuvenate the mind without spending too much money.
Before moving to the PNW, I realized just how little I did in some of the past cities I had access to. I always thought I would get around to seeing some of the local sights, but I never did. It really opened my eyes to look locally for activities and adventures.

GGG: Finally, are you heading on any exciting trips soon?

I always dread this question in interviews. Right now, I plan on heading to Glacier National Park for some overnight backpacking in July. However, I am not sure how else I plan on using my vacation days. I tend to chase flight prices over destinations and then plan a trip around a great flight deal to save money. This year, I plan on doing the same. I hope it takes me international, but it doesn’t matter as long as I am traveling 🙂


Not a bad answer for a question you dread! Thanks, Angela, we look forward to following you on your adventures. If you want to check out Angela’s tips on travel, go to her website, find her on Facebook or send her a tweet!


All photos in this post courtesy of Angela Anderson.


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