Girls That Go!-An Interview with Ashley Abroad

Our traveling lady of the week is the classy, baguette-loving Ashley of Ashley Abroad. Check out why she loves solo travel, her favorite recipe learned on the road and more in this weeks’ Girls That Go!

GGG: Welcome to Girls That Go! What’s your name, where are you from and how did you get your start traveling?

Hi! I’m Ashley. I grew up in Michigan, U.S.A. but now I live in a town outside of Paris. I started traveling when I was 15 on a month-long trip to Ecuador and have been obsessed with travel ever since.

GGG: Working as an au pair in France must be fun (and probably pretty tiring)! What are some of the perks of the job?

I love being able to experience what life is really like in France by living with a family- we have rabbit for dinner, the parents teach me about wine pairings and we bring baguettes home from the boulangerie daily.

Even though I sometimes miss having my own apartment, I know it’s better for my French and better for my overall learning to live with a family here.

GGG: This is the longest you’ve been away from home. Have you had any homesickness? If so, how have you gotten over it?

I’m actually not too homesick- which I think is mostly because I have an end-date on the horizon. Home will always be there, and when I miss my family and friends there’s always Skype.

GGG: You recently posted about 10 ways travel has changed you. What do you think would be an eleventh?

I think travel has made me a better cook! One of the things I love to collect when I travel are good recipes- I’m currently trying to add as many fattening French recipes to my repertoire as possible.

GGG: So far, what’s one of your favorite recipes that you’ve learned on your travels?

That’s a hard one. I’d have to say a Spanish potato omelet I learned how to make when I studied in Spain.

I lived with a Spanish grandmother who taught me her recipe for a simple but scrumptious tortilla de patatas, or Spanish potato omelet. It’s literally just potatoes, onions, eggs and oil- but everyone loves it!

GGG: You’ve mentioned that you love solo travel! What’s something about it that you love that you didn’t expect to from the outset?

Initially I was scared to embark on a solo travel trip because I thought I would be lonely- but on the contrary I find that solo travel helps you meet more people, both in terms of other travelers and locals. When you’re alone others want to take you under their wing, so you’ll hear things like, “Want to come to my birthday party at the pub tomorrow?” much more often.
GGG: You’ll be heading to SE Asia within the year. What are you looking forward to most about traveling to that part of the world?
I have a huge Southeast Asian bucket list so I don’t know where to start! I’m really looking forward to working at an elephant sanctuary, learning how to scuba dive and tasting lots and lots of delicious street food. It will be my first time in Asia so I’m beyond excited.
GGG:Last but not least, anything fun we can look forward to reading about on Ashley Abroad?
On my blog I try to chronicle my travels as honestly as possible- so (hopefully!) there is a lot of useful information for new and veteran travelers alike. Coming up there will be lots of Europe coverage but then it will turn to my (mis)adventures in Asia… so stay tuned!
Thanks, Ashley! To read more about her adventures in Paris and elsewhere, check out her blog,, or follow her on Twitter or Facebook.

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