Girls that Go!-An Interview with Luci of 1,000 Fights


This week’s fabulous female traveler is Luci Willits, from 1,000 Places To Fight Before You Die! Check out her favorite “Kissing Capital,” tips for racking up those airline points, and more in this week’s Girls that Go!

GGG: Who are you and how did you get started traveling internationally?

I’m the female fighter of 1000 Fights, a travel site dedicated to couple travel. Me and my husband’s mission is to get couples to leave their children at home and go on a trip once a year to rekindle their marriage. We’ve been married for 15 years, and we didn’t start traveling internationally together until about 7 years ago. We started traveling internationally because we finally realized we could travel overseas almost as cheaply as we could travel in the US by working airline and hotel points.

GGG: Traveling with a partner can be fabulous (as you regularly show on your blog), but what is your favorite thing to do solo while you’re on a trip?

Ahhh. There’s lots I like to do myself. I really like to go to museums by myself. I don’t like having to wait for someone else; I like to do my own thing at my own pace.

Girls that Go!-An Interview with Luci of 1,000 Fights

GGG:  You manage to travel cheaply by using reward programs and the like. Any you’d recommend in particular to get you the most bang for your buck?

Stick with one hotel or airline brand. There is nothing more frustrating than having a bunch of worthless hotel and airline points that don’t get you anything. Also, pick one real meal to eat at a sit down restaurant when traveling. Piece meal and graze the rest of the time.

GGG: One of the cool article series on your site 1,000 Fights is “Kissing Capitals.” Where’s your favorite kissing capital, and why?

Mike is anti-PDA. So getting him to kiss me anywhere in public is akin to him getting a root canal. I did get him to kiss me publicly in two places: Paris and Machu Picchu.

GGG: In the many places you’ve traveled, is there a certain country or city you liked and Mike didn’t? Why? And would you want to go back on your own?

Mike didn’t like Croatia. We almost got in a car wreck and he got a traffic ticket there. So he has issues with Rabb, Croatia. I would go back to Croatia in a millisecond. We didn’t get to see even 1/10th of the country. I would leave Mike home tomorrow if I could go to Croatia by myself.

Girls that Go!-An Interview with Luci of 1,000 Fights

GGG: What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned in traveling as part of a couple? Have you applied any of these lessons in your life back at home?

This is hard! I’ve learned a lot about my spouse’s weaknesses, but also his strengths. I’ve learned it’s important to express your expectations clearly when you travel. Often times our disappointments are from unmet expectations. Be clear with your spouse about what would make the trip great, etc.

GGG:  Good tips. Where about will your next great fight take place that we can look forward to reading?

Germany! I’m sure we’ll be fighting the entire trip.

Well, we can’t wait! To read more from Luci, check out 1000 Fights, follow them on Facebook or tweet with them!


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