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This week’s Go! Girl is Amy Howard, of the fun traveling duo from Don’t Ever Look Back. Check out her tips for packing for Iceland, what food would send her on a quest, and more!

GGG: Hi! Welcome to Girls that Go! Who are you and how did you start traveling?

I’m Amy Howard, a twenty-something girl from Melbourne, Australia and better known as one half of Don’t Ever Look Back. I did a few interstate trips around Australia when I was younger but my first overseas trip to beautiful Bali is where the travel bug bit and bit hard.

Five years later and we’re still following our passion to travel around the world.

GGG: Great! You guys recently celebrated your second blogaversary! What’s something you wish you had known when first starting your great adventure, and what’s something you’re looking forward to continuing for another year?

We did – and hopefully we’ll be able to celebrate a few more.

I guess I wish I had known not to take our great adventure for granted… not that I did completely but it’s over before you know it so make sure you take every second to enjoy your travels and make the most of it.

I’m looking forward to keeping on traveling as much as I can with Kieron over the next few months and sharing all of our stories on our blog.

GGG: When you were in the States, you managed to get tickets for the MTV VMA’s! How did you swing that, and do you think you’ll try to do the same for any other events like that during your travels?

Being able to attend the MTV VMA’s was fate!

We were traveling through Hawaii when I saw a commercial on TV for the Video Music Awards and it was happening the same time we were scheduled to be in Los Angeles. So I found the casting company, put in an application and to my complete surprise they had selected me to receive a ticket!

Attending one of these shows was a dream of mine and I’m so glad that I was able to make it come true – definitely one of the best experiences I’ve had and if I had the chance to do it again I definitely would.

GGG: You’ve posted about your search for the best Hainanese chicken rice. If you could go on a search to find another delicious signature dish in a country, which would it be and why?

I would have to say I’d search for the best sushi in Japan. It’s a country near the top of our list of places to visit and obviously I’ve heard some great things about the food there.

Also looking forward to one day eating my way around Italy!

GGG: Mmm, sounds like a good plan!  New York City is at the top of most USA travel lists. What would you say was your favorite sight?

Growing up in Australia, you’ve got a fair idea of what Central Park is going to be like but once you finally get there it’s way more impressive than you could ever imagine.

The perfect place to spend an afternoon walking around, hiring a rowboat to go out on the lake or simply people watching.

 GGG:  On your RTW trip you headed to Iceland. What kind of clothes would you recommend packing for other RTW travelers squeezing in such a chilly place on their itinerary?

Finding what to pack for Iceland was a challenge in itself so we wrote a post on what to pack for Iceland. A long sleeved thermal top is essential and an outfit consisting of a beanie, gloves, scarf, warm boots/socks and a thick jacket were perfect for me.

You hear it all the time but plan ahead and layer your clothing!

GGG: Australia is a pretty huge place; what’s one of your favorite spots in your home country that you’d recommend for travelers headed Down Under?

There are so many spectacular places to see in Australia and we have only just touched the surface.

Top of my list would have to be to snorkel/dive the Great Barrier Reef and it was great to be able to do this earlier in the year. If you want to splurge, take a helicopter ride over the Great Barrier Reef and Heart Reef – it’s a once in a lifetime experience that’s well worth the money.

 GGG: Any interesting destinations coming up that we can look forward to reading about?

We’re off to the South Island of New Zealand later in the year and we’re excited to explore such a diverse landscape. Our plans are far from confirmed but keep on reading our blog and we’ll reveal them soon!

Looking forward to seeing what’s next! Thanks, Amy Howard! If you’re interested in keeping up with Amy & Kieron on their travels, check out their site, Don’t Ever Look Back, tweet with them or follow on Facebook

All photos courtesy of Amy Howard. 



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