Girls that Go! An interview with Adventurous Kate


If you’re looking for a fun-loving and charismatic travel blogger, look no further than Adventurous Kate, where you can meet Kate McCulley.

She’s become one of our favorite female bloggers and has grown quickly in the travel blogging world, and no wonder! Kate McCulley never fails to entertain and inspire with her honest voice and daring spirit and that shines through clearly on Adventurous Kate.

Check out some of her takes on surviving scary travel situations, the perks of traveling solo and where the best beach is in this week’s Girls that Go!

kate mcculley of Adventurous Kate
Kate McCulley of Adventurous Kate

GGG: First things first, when did you start traveling and what inspired you to start?

I can’t remember ever not wanting to travel. Even when I was young, I had a Carmen Sandiego addiction and map obsession!

After I graduated college, I read about a guy who traveled the world for a year and I decided to do the same thing.  For years, I saved up, spent my savings on Vegas trips, and saved up again. But at age 25, it hit me that it would be years until I saved up enough money for this pricey dream trip, which meant that I would be stuck in my life in Boston. I hadn’t been happy in my life or career for awhile, and this depressed me even more. I decided to travel sooner, and I could do that by sticking to cheap Southeast Asia. It’s a region I had been wanting to visit for a long time, so altering my trip was no sacrifice whatsoever! My trip was amazing and my blog took off during that time, so I never went back to a traditional job.

GGG: Go! Girl Guides is all about the solo girl’s travel experience. What’s your favorite thing about traveling alone?

When you travel alone, you can do whatever you want, whenever you’d like. The freedom and independence is what I love about solo travel. I especially love booking a random ticket on a whim!

GGG: Good call! So, you’ve had a lot of amazing experiences, some more crazy than others. I read about your shipwreck, and I was wondering what advice you would give to travelers who do go through disheartening (and scary!) situations like that?

Going through something as traumatic as a shipwreck really reminds you that possessions are not important — your life is.  And you need to throw yourself immediately back into travel or it will fester for years. It’s been difficult for me to be on boats since, but I keep getting on them, including a very rocky overnight trip to Shetland. I need to keep going.

GGG: You’ve jaunted all around the world, sometimes not getting home for many months. Do you have any tips for packing for long trips?

I think my best tip for packing for long-term trips is to remember that you can buy anything you need wherever you’re going. Sure, in Asia I struggled to find deodorant that wouldn’t bleach my armpits, but you can find clothing and toiletries around the world.

GGG: In your post about the Alhambra, you mention that there are only a handful of experiences that you’ve had that have affected you as deeply. Could you share one with us?

There have only been a few experiences that have left me out of breath, and another one was hiking through the Tirolean Alps in Austria. Once you get up into the mountains, their beauty and their size will knock you over, and it’s more than just the altitude leaving you out of breath! I spent most of that hike speechless with wonder.

GGG: What’s on the docket for your next adventure?

I’ve got a full travel schedule coming up! I’ll be traveling to Umbria, Italy, for the Travel Bloggers Unite conference in April, home to the States shortly after, to Iceland in mid-May, and to Croatia, Bosnia, and Montenegro through late May and June!

Awesome! Have fun! Now, for some fill-in-the-blanks…

The travel gadget I wouldn’t go without is ____________________

My iPhone.  It’s great for jumping on WiFi, updating my Facebook page with photos, and these days, it’s also my primary camera, thanks to the phenomenal Pro HDR app.

The most exotic food I’ve tasted is_______________

Snake blood and bile, which I drank in Hanoi, Vietnam.

My favorite beach is_________________

Lonely Beach on the island of Koh Chang, Thailand.  It has perfect sand with crystal clear water and huge palm trees, it’s close to the hippie community, and it’s not too developed (yet).

My favorite off-the-beaten-path place is_________________

Jordan.  Not entirely off the beaten path, but it’s a beautiful country that doesn’t get nearly as many visitors as it should.

Thanks, Kate! Find more out about Kate McCulley by visiting Adventurous Kate, or “like” her on Facebook!

All photos in this post are courtesy of Kate McCulley.


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  1. loved hearing how kate got into traveling and writing! AND you make a great point about packing and traveling 🙂 i’ll be going to Asia in August/Sept and am glad to hear it’s inexpensive to travel there.

    happy travels! cheers – lola

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