How Much Do Taxis Cost Abroad?


When budgeting for cabs and trying to figure out how much taxis cost abroad, there are many resources you can use.

For those with iPhones abroad, Call a Taxi PRO is among the best apps out there for just what its name implies. For planning before your adventure, use the the World Taxi Meter. Depending on where your travels are taking you, an aspect to always consider is cab fare. It is not always cheap but sometimes a necessity. Budgeting for cabs when you travel allows you to successfully plan a budget and not scramble to rearrange your funds once you arrive at your destination. It also helps ensure your safety.

If you’re going out at night, make sure you take enough cash to get you home from anywhere in the city.

Here is another resource to help while you are planning:

Highest rates you could pay reflect traffic, weekends/nights, and premiums, and are rounded to the highest dollar.


Europe: $4 to $27 for Two Miles of Travel
Average $210 for Every 20 Miles Via Cab

Cab fares vary but tend to be on the rather expensive side. Why? They are safer, ran by more reputable people, and you can almost guarantee you will get from point a to b in a sufficient amount of time. The prices vary based on traffic, how popular the city is to tourists, and how well the country is doing financially.

For low-end cab fare in Europe, visit Greece. With all their political term oil at the moment, their cabs are more affordable. On the upper end of cab fares is Switzerland. The mountains and extra fees for the cabbies put a minimum 2 mile fare at nearly $21. Expensive, but seeing any culture has its premiums.

In some regions, tipping your cabby can open many doors. In Croatia, for example, a large tip can take you to the secret hotspots of the country. Rarely are cab drivers tipped more than $1 but more typically, natives just round up. No one likes to carry around a pocket of coins. The only exceptions are Portugal and Switzerland. They already have a driver fee factored into the total.

2 Mile Trip Price Examples:
Athens, Greece-$4.00 to $7.00
Zagreb, Croatia-$10.00 to $16.00
Vienna, Austria-$10.00 to $15.00
Munich, Germany-$12.00 to $18.00
Amsterdam, Netherlands-$15.00 to $15.00
Oslo, Norway-$19.00 to $25.00

South America

$2 to $6 for Two  Miles of Travel
Average $30 For Every 20 Miles Via Cab

The beautiful, rugged cultures of heated South America are not always the safest to travel through. Research beforehand for these countries is extremely important. The reputations of cab companies can be the difference between a pleasant and life threatening experience. Always know what companies to use and the safest routes to your destination. Asking a cabby what route he is taking will also let him know, you know what you are doing. In Brazil and Venezuela, cab fares are not always set. Before getting into a cab, make sure to settle on a price. These more affordable cab fares require more preparatory work.

Depending on the service you get, you may want to tip. Tips range from $0.50 to $0.75. These prices are definitely more affordable than those we would see in the States.

2 Mile Trip Price Examples:
Quito, Ecuador-$2.00 to $4.00
Lima, Peru-$2.00 to $4.00
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil-$4.00 to $7.00
Santiago, Chile-$5.00 to $6.00


$1.50 to $16 for Two Miles of Travel
Average $70 For Every 20 Miles Via Cab

Cabs tend to be very affordable in this section of our world. Whether you are enjoying the untamed culture of Thailand or the big city life in China, taxis tend to be an affordable form of travel. In countries like Thailand and Vietnam, use the same techniques you would use in South America. If they know you are a tourist, they will take advantage of your vulnerability. In China, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates, prices and drivers are strict about their prices. These cabs are much safer and more affordable to utilize.

In countries where western culture has seeped through the cracks, it is best to leave some sort of tip. In Thailand and Vietnam, tipping your cab driver is not required but greatly appreciated. A $1 to $2 tip will suffice based on quality. In the more structured countries like Japan or the United Arab Emirates, there is already fees included for your driver. Tipping can be considered rude because these people are paid well.

2 Mile Trip Price Examples:
Beijing, China-$2.00 to $4.00
Hanoi, Vietnam-$1.50 to $2.00
Bangkok, Thailand-$2.00 to $3.00
Shanghai, China-$2.00 to $3.00
Dubai, United Arab Emirates-$3.00 to $4.00


$9.50 to $14 for Two Miles of Travel
Average $120 For Every 20 Miles Via Cab

This country is much more expensive to travel through via cab than Asia. The people, however, are nice, friendly, and their continent is stable. A down under adventure will cost you more, but you will travel through a culture non-existent anywhere else in the world.  If your wallet can afford it, you will surely feel the safety that comes with the premium price of taxi service here.

Leaving your extra change is a common way of tipping. Rarely will anyone expect a tip, so feel free to just round up when done with your taxi.

2 Mile Trip Price Examples:
Melbourne, Australia-$10.00 to $13.00
Sydney, Australia-$11.00 to $14.00

North America

$7 to $13 for Two Miles of Travel
Average $85 For Every 20 Miles of Travel

We all know that the prices are like in the United States. Cabs are the most expensive forms of transportation. Fares tend to fall somewhere in the middle based on around the world prices. They are typically safe in the cities we travel to and prices are always set. We live in a great country, and our cab rides reflect that.

Absolutely. Always tip your cabby. Western culture is what has changed the way many countries perceive this extra charge we put on ourselves. Always tip at least $1 and move up from there. Based on length and experience, you can determine how much extra to put forth.

2 Mile Trip Price Examples:
New York City, New York-$7.00 to $12.00
Angeles, California-$8.00 to $10.00
Montreal, Canada-$10.00 to $13.00

Extra Saving Tips:
You will always pay more for cabs if you are in a particular popular area or country. To save money, walk a few blocks from the crowded attraction to get a more base rate taxi. Look up reputable taxi companies before you arrive at your destination. Calling one from the airport will save you from the hiked prices of lingering taxis. Plus, you can be sure that the drivers are safe to be riding with.

Traveling will be less stressful if you know how to through your adventure with ease. Cabs tend to add a good chunk of money to your needed expenses. Factoring in these prices and knowing how to get the best price will keep you safe during your exploration of culture.

Do you take taxis while you travel?


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  1. I love the breakdown you give for every 2 mile average you have! Really gives a good idea of what to expect in a different country. I am looking to venture into another country. Good to know about the rates ahead of time to budget how much to bring!

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