Summer Vacations: Traveling in the Off Season


Summer is approaching, the flowers have bloomed and the sun is shining brighter and warmer each day. You know what that means… summer vacation!

Although summer is often the busiest time to travel, it doesn’t have to be the most expensive. Traveling during a countries’ off-season can save you thousands of dollars and doesn’t always mean you’ll have to forgo a summer for a winter.

I know what you’re thinking – Why the heck would I risk leaving the northern hemisphere sun to sit through another winter?

No worries, there are plenty of places that are sunny year-round and here is my top pick of must-see summer destinations:

1. Caribbean

The low season runs March through July and the temperature stays around 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit. Pretty perfect, huh?!

2. Australia

It’s wintertime in Australia during the North American summer, but it’s far from frigid.

Most days have a high in the 60s, though it can get down to the 40s at night. But don’t fret! There is still plenty of sunshine to be enjoyed during the day!

3. Las Vegas, Nevada

Good news here is summer months come with awesome savings for trips to Las Vegas. The catch is that it is super dry and hot- shoots well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the peak of summer.

But hey, if you’re in a casino, the AC will be blasting and you’ll hardly know the difference.

(Check out Christina’s ‘Vegas on a shoestring’ post!)

4. Colombia

North American summer is Colombia’s winter and off-season.

However, Colombia stays warm all year round, boasting an average temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit in July. Another perk of Columbia climate is there is no harsh rainy season like so many other off-season locations.

5. Kenya

Go somewhere totally unique for less.

Kenya is often written off as a location that will simply be too hot for most tourists, but the coldest months (July and August) actually have a average temperature of 57-87 degrees Fahrenheit (depending on the region).

If you are looking to escape the heat, there are plenty of places further south that can offer you that mid-summer cool down. Both Chile and Argentina offer cool temperatures and bountiful amounts of snow in certain areas.

What’s better than skiing in July? Oh that’s right, paying way less than you would during the peak season.

Off season travel is an excellent way to see places you are dying to see but never thought you could afford. Sure, you may miss some ideal weather and events, but the savings mean you’ll have extra cash to see and do more than you would get to otherwise.

What’s your most obscure summer travel destination? Do you prefer summer/spring/fall/winter travel?



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  1. I loved travelling to Europe during winter – have been there a couple of times in the off-season now and it’s so much quieter and relaxed. There are also no queues (well, except in Paris!) – at the galleries in Florence we just walked right on in. The days are shorter and obviously colder but that just gives you an excuse to sit in a fancy cafe and drink hot chocolate 🙂

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