How to Score Cheap Holidays Online


Only 2 more months until Christmas- but who’s counting right?

I, for one, love to travel over this holiday season…but so does everyone else. With that being said, it can be rather difficult to find affordable flights to destinations around the world. But fear not! We have compiled a list of tips and tricks for the easiest ways to travel over Christmas with holiday discount centre.

Here we go:

Start Hunting Now

The best prices tend to come down around this time of the year, before most people have really started thinking about their holiday plans. If you can go ahead and block out a time in your schedule come Christmas, tis the season to buy your tickets!

Adjust Your Dates

Everyone wants to be home on the 26th, a day universally-recognized as “family overdose day” (okay, we made that up). Have you ever gone out to the bars on Christmas night? They’re packed! After a full two days of family time, Christmas night and the day after Christmas are when most people are done seeing their loved ones and ready to go home.

What does that mean for you? Flights may be cheaper if you take this into account. In a recent test search, flights were much cheaper Dec. 22-28 than Dec. 22-26. A little flexibility may end up saving you big bucks! Also, traveling on Christmas Eve, when airports are more or less dead, could add up to big savings, if all you really care about is xmas day.

Use a Variety of Search Engines & Airline Pages

While it’s true that flight prices don’t vary that much from search engines (it’s all more or less in the same database), it is a good idea to check big engines (like Orbitz, TravelZoo, etc) against an airline’s own website (United, etc).

Be Flexible

We can’t stress it enough–the holidays are sometimes the worst time to travel, because everyone is in a rush to get where to they’re going and the airports are packed. Conveniently, this is also the time for huge winter storms that can sometimes derail or delay a flight for up to days. Being flexible is key during this time. Go with a good attitude, and with a little bit of luck, you’ll make it home for Christmas right on time!



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  1. Good tips! I booked a flight Christmas day and was surprised at how not-cheap it was… So, I think international flights are the exception to the “Christmas-day-flights-are-cheap” rule.

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