Traveling in Your Late Twenties


It is all fun and games…until someone mentions you are over 25.  That march from about 26-30 can be odd as compared to your earlier spring ,chick days of 22 and the glorious year of 23.  Let’s be honest: life is different at every age.  This holds very true for a lady as she travels.  Here are three big picture concepts that will most likely change as you plan your second or third trip within your twenties.  Remember, no two women are the same, so please alter these recommendations for your taste and point of view.



Hosteling was amazing on your first round the world trip!  Remember?  You turned 23 and celebrated by partying in Buenos Aires at that huge hostel’s café which doubled as a nightclub until 5am.  Yeah that was pretty rad and seems kind of loud now.


Late twenties fun new option: AirBnb

A bit classier and for sure quieter, Airbnb is a fun way to book accommodations as you travel via locals who post their digs online.  There is a solid review system, similar to Couchsurfing, so safety and the description of amenities are accurate.  In my opinion, Airbnb is great for someone who has done the large hostel scene once the world over and is now looking for a more intimate interaction with a local.  You can rest assured you will get a good nights’ sleep and also enjoy way better food than bread with Nutella on a sticky table.


Travel Speed

“How did you visit 14 countries in 3 months on your first trip?!” Asks your puzzled friend when you return from Southeast Asia the summer after college.  You nod your head in disbelief.  Yep, hell if you knew how that occurred either…half of which you might not even remember due to travel speed, ambition, and Tokyo Tea.


Late Twenties fun new option:  Expat Living

I know many younger women are already in the midst of living overseas for study abroad or perhaps a year of self-made language immersion.  Therefore, if you are already living as an expatriate, you go girl.  If not, and you previously did the RTW whirlwind tour…consider living overseas.  In one country.  For an extended time. Central America calling again?  Look into renting a space on arrival and DO IT.  It is great to move around and see the sights, but as you get older you’ll find it is enjoyable to also “slow ya roll” and set up camp in one place for a while.  There is no better way to learn a language or to develop personally.



In the traveler subculture the catch line that we all hear very often is, “I sold all of my belongings and bought a one-way ticket (insert country here)”.  At 24 I did that exact thing; it felt liberating and opened me up to a whole big world.  However, nobody tells you about the second part-when you arrive home and need a bed and a kitchen table.  It is hard work reacquiring the necessary comforts needed to live a standard Western life again.  Also, if you did settle in for a few years post first adventure, chances are you have purchased some sweet new things that really give you joy!  Anddd you want to travel again….but you also love your new juicer and paintings from the art market….what’s a girl to do?!


Late twenties fun new option:  Creative Storage

Instead of selling everything this time, why not try retaining the very treasured pieces of your home life?  The pieces that you will be grateful to see when you get back.  The things that were a hassle to purchase and transport.  You can opt to rent a storage unit and pay a monthly rental so your things are secure and will not be affected by climate.  Or, if colorful beacons of suburban over-consumption make you queasy, get creative and sustainable about it.  Know a good friend in need of a mattress who just got a starter home?  Loan out your bed to her in exchange for its’ safe keeping.  Let your mom enjoy your paintings in her house for a year.  Store items all around your town with friends who have attic or basement space in exchange for the same kindness when it is their turn to travel once more.  Selling it all is empowering and super badass. It is also expansive to take a huge trip and then come home and have a space up and looking like yours in under a month for your return party.

Now that’s late 20’s bad-ass status.


What differences have you noticed when traveling in your late 20’s? Have any of you become expats along the way?


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