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Interesting, mysterious and very diverse, Cuba is one of the best places to visit. It is renowned for its great history and amazing culture and it has many hidden gems that wait to be discovered. The country is located in one of the most pleasant climates in the world and it has something to offer to anybody. There are countless reasons why you should write Cuba on your bucket list and we gathered some of the best.  

1. The beaches

Cuba is famous for being the ultimate summer resort all-year-round. The warm weather and long coastline make this island country ideal for a relaxing vacation. The beaches in Cuba have one of the softest types of sand in the region and the shore is not dangerous for swimmers.

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Countless vacation resorts that offer premium service for an affordable price fill the coastline. In terms of location, you can easily travel between the shore cities to visit. Here you will find some of the oldest relics from the Spanish conquest.

If you want to have postcard-style views, Cuban beaches will offer you amazing landscapes. They have gorgeous beach bars located right under the palm trees that will make your vacation a dream.

2. The vintage vibe

Cuba is famous for vintage cars that are scattered all over the country and for the old colonial architecture. These two elements make this country truly unique and a very interesting place to visit. The vintage vibe of Cuba is very mysterious and pleasant and you will feel like you went back in time.

Besides, Cuba is a country that has very limited internet access. Although this may seem a bit off-putting in the beginning because you will not be able to access social media at ease, this element is very good for your visit. Thanks to the limited access or even lack of internet, your Cuban experience will be very authentic.

3. The amazing history

    Cuba had one of the most intense timelines in the whole Latin world. Its history is dotted by revolutions, wars and tense moments. All these left the country a great nationalistic culture and many monuments. In Havana, the capital city you will be able to visit the main historical landmarks that shaped the country.

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Many monuments are worth visiting in this country and the beautiful thing about the warm Latin culture of the Cuban people is that you will be able to discuss history and learn hidden stories.

Indeed, Cuba has a very interesting story to tell and you should go and see what it is all about. Due to the tumultuous events, the entry in Cuba is a bit more difficult but it shouldn’t be a stop on your trip.

4. The cigars

 Cuban cigars are famous all over the world for their great quality and taste. The embargo period made these luxury products very rare and from that point on the global passion for them grew even stronger.

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The secret behind these cigars is the long history and experience in making them. Cuba is one of the first countries in the world that consumed tobacco and it was the starting point for tobacco consumption worldwide.

The beautiful thing about Cuban cigars is that you get the chance to see the whole production process that is considered by many a true art. You will also be able to visit some of the oldest cigar factories in the whole world and also get some very delicious premium souvenirs.

5. The cuisine and drinks

Even though Cuba is not famous for its cuisine, you will leave the country with a few extra kilos after visiting. The Latin and creole fusion that represents Cuban cuisine is one of the most complex and diverse in the whole region. The Spanish influence is perfectly combined with the local dishes, making amazing dishes that are loved by everybody.

In terms of drinks, Cuba is one of the largest rum producers in the whole world. Thanks to this, the country invented one of the worldwide loved cocktails, Cuba Libre. Even though this drink can be easily found in many bars all over the world, the best place to taste it is in this gorgeous island state. 

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My name is Dan and I am one of the biggest fans of Cuba. I developed a Cuban cigar business after I first fell in love with the amazing taste and personality of delights. I tried covering the main reasons why you should visit Cuba and I hope you will soon book your flight.


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