Tips for Buying a Car in Puerto Rico


So far, my move to Puerto Rico has been easy as pie. Within one month, I found a new home, met a fun group of friends, and scheduled a million and one trips around the island. But, as of this week I still had one itty-bitty, actually pretty big, problem – I didn’t have a car.  And, I needed one stat!

Needless to say, it has been an intense week of searching for a new set of wheels. Check out what I learned in the process of looking below:

Give Public Transport a Try

I tried to give public transport a fair shot, I promise. But where I live isn’t the best spot for accessing public transport, and figuring out the bus schedule, waiting for late buses, etc. just wasn’t very fun.

Some people are better at this than others though – and that may just be you!  Good luck.

Rental Car Agencies

Prior to this week, I did a long-term car rental (two weeks) with Enterprise, which seemed to have the best multi-week rental rates in Puerto Rico. However, costs are still prohibitively expensive over the long-run. This should be a last resort!

Car Dealership

This one is pretty self-explanatory – go to a reputable dealership and check out the options.

Use Your Network!

And, last but certainly not least, use your network to purchase a used car from a trusted source.  I joined a fun women’s group my first week here, and asked around to see if anyone knew someone that was looking to sell a car. Lo and behold, a friend of a friend’s mother was selling a car right up my alley – cheap, dependable and not bad looking. Voila, I’m all set with a new set of wheels!

How have you gone about finding a car abroad?


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