3 Yoga Escapes For Any Budget in Costa Rica


Costa Rica is an adrenaline-junkie’s dream. With world-renowned surfing, white water rafting, horseback riding and jungle trekking, boredom is hard to come by in this tropical paradise.

If you’re burned out on adventure and ready to reset and rejuvenate, it’s time to consider a yoga escape. Yoga retreats are becoming increasingly popular in Costa Rica, and for good reason.

With no standing army, some of the world’s largest biodiversity, and a focus on eco-tourism, Costa Rica is the perfect place to find inspiration as you tune in to your inner yogi. 

Perhaps the best part is that a yoga vacation in Costa Rica is accessible for any budget and traveler.

Here are three yoga escapes in Costa Rica to get you started:

Budget Choice: OM Puerto Viejo

It’s not uncommon to hear rumors that Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast is sketchy or dangerous, but one visit to OM Puerto Viejo will prove the naysayers wrong. OM is an authentic, no-frills yoga studio, surrounded by jungle and with spectacular views of the ocean.

Not only can you see the waves from your downward dog, but you can also do it for only $10 per drop-in class.  I recommend a stay in one of OM’s basic but clean rooms for close proximity to the open-air yoga studio. You’ll also be right upstairs from the organic chocolate tasting room at Caribeans, a bit of an added bonus.

This is the perfect option for budget travelers who want all the benefits of regular yoga classes, but with a bit of flexibility. You’ll have plenty of time to explore the beautiful surrounding beaches, like Playa Cocles, and take advantage of the restaurants and entertainment in Puerto Viejo, just a short bike ride away.

An assortment of yoga classes and styles are offered twice daily at $10 a class. Private rooms cost $24 a night. A variety of massage therapies are also available, including Reiki and Cranio-Sacral Opening.

Mid-Range Choice: Lucero Surf and Yoga Retreats

If you’re interested in a yoga retreat but still want the adrenaline of catching waves, then a surf and yoga retreat could be the perfect fit. With Lucero Surf and Yoga Retreats, you choose your itinerary to include the number of yoga classes and private surf lessons you desire.

We opted for three surf lessons and daily yoga classes. You can choose to do yoga before or after the workout, because surfing is as awesome as it is demanding. Other fantastic features of the retreat include divine accommodation at a boutique hotel, a private, open-air yoga pavilion, and total customization—you design your itinerary any way you like it.

Lucero Surf Retreats is nestled in Santa Teresa on the Nicoya Peninsula. There are no paved roads (or even stoplights for that matter), but the palm-tree lined beach is regularly considered one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful, and the sunsets are not to be missed.

The town also boasts a large selection of fine dining, ranging from sushi to pizza.  It’s not easy to arrive at Santa Teresa, but that’s largely what has kept the town such a gem.

Prices for one week at Lucero depend upon retreat customization. An all-inclusive package goes for around $1400 and includes six nights accommodation, private yoga and surf lessons, professional photography, shuttle transfers and a one-hour massage.

Deluxe Choice: Blue Osa Yoga Retreat and Spa

Satisfy your body and your conscience at this completely self-sustaining eco-resort. Blue Osa exudes a sheer sense of style. The yoga studio is spacious and serene, overlooking a private beach on the Osa Peninsula.

The spa boasts a large selection of holistic treatments, including therapeutic body scrubs and rejuvenating massages, all of which utilize local ingredients like Blue Osa Clay and Costa Rican Volcanic Mud. The restaurant only serves fresh and local food, much of it grown on-site in the Blue Osa organic garden.

If you’re serious about removing yourself from the white noise of daily life, then Blue Osa is the obvious choice. Located on the Osa Peninsula, this area of Costa Rica very much remains remote and undeveloped, an idyllic tropical rainforest that has yet to see the burdens of over-tourism. In our opinion, the Osa Peninsula is magical, easily the highlight of any Costa Rican journey.

Blue Osa packages are modifiable, but expect to pay around $1600 for one week of yoga classes, boutique accommodation, and three farm-to-table meals a day.

No matter what, don’t be intimidated by a yoga retreat! The yoga vacations listed above are suitable for all levels of yogis, and are guaranteed to invigorate the mind, body and soul.

Which yoga retreats have you experienced in Costa Rica’s beauty?


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