4 Affordable Ways You Can Travel Across Europe


Do you dream of traveling across Europe and experiencing all the amazing sights and attractions? Do you have a limited (or completely non-existent) budget? If so, the information found below was created just for you. Believe it or not, even with limited funds you can enjoy all that Europe has to offer – the key is to know the “secrets.”

Are you ready to plan your European getaway? If so, keep reading! You will love the money-saving transportation options available as you make your way across the continent.

  1. Rideshare Services

The growing popularity of the sharing community has allowed people to hop a ride with locals who are traveling to the same destination. With these services you can rideshare with others who have extra space in their vehicles.

You simply find someone to give you a ride, they agree to this and you can be off and going quickly. In some cases, you can catch a ride for just five euros. This is one of the best and most affordable ways to get around during your trip to Europe. In addition to getting a ride, you get to meet a local, have a nice conversation and save money.

  1. Rent a Vehicle

You may think this option is beyond your means. However, it doesn’t have to be. The key to finding affordable rental vehicles is to find quality companies offering great deals. One place to look is at the Easyrentcars official site. However, you will find that what’s available online may even be more affordable in person.

When you are renting a vehicle, be sure to ask about upgrades at the desk. In many cases, you can get a bigger or nicer vehicle for an affordable rate, or in some cases, even free. Also, when you rent a vehicle you can go and do as you please without having to adhere to anyone else’s schedule.

  1. Get a Eurail Pass

Have you ever traveled by train? If not, this is an experience you should have. You get to sit in a big, comfortable seat, relax with a book (or podcast) and watch the beautiful landscape pass by. It’s much more comfortable than a bus, and less stressful than traveling by plane. Also, the European rail system is one of the most extensive and best in the entire world.

If you plan to travel by train, you will find the price is great for short, city to city jaunts. If you want to go on a grand tour of Europe, then it is worth it to get a rail pass. This is going to be your best and most affordable option.

  1. The Megabus

This is an extremely affordable way for you to get around the United Kingdom, along with Amsterdam, Brussels and even Paris. The tickets often cost just one GBP if you book about a month in advance for the most popular routes.

However, even if you aren’t able to scoop up these great deals, you can still travel for a rate that’s lower than the regular bus system. If you want to travel through Europe “on the cheap” be sure to look into the Megabus.

As you can see, you don’t have to spend a small fortune to get around Europe. Use the travel methods here to save money and enjoy this amazing continent.


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