5 Fun European Escapes for you and your Travel Buddy


Everybody deserves an escape from the bustling life from school, work, or other stressful activities. And when it comes to fun escapades, Europe would make for the perfect getaway for you, more so if you have a travel buddy who wants to tag along.

After all, Europe has lots to offer from state-of-the-art structural design to glistening white-sand beaches and lively dance parades, there’s just nothing more you can ask for. That said, here are 5 of the best European escapes you want to consider:

1. Amsterdam

Amsterdam is an elegant and beautiful Dutch city, not to mention it’s a really exceptional place to explore. It has many stunning trees, lined canals, and gorgeous buildings that make it an excellent place to take Instagram-worthy photographs too. If you want to immerse yourself in history, you might want to visit Anne Frank’s House which is home to the well-known WWII diarist, an experience that will stay with you.

2. Crete (Greece)

Crete is the largest among all of the Greek islands. It is a venue that is filled with the natural splendor of history, culture, and fantastic cuisine. Moreover, it easily captivates the hearts of tourists with its magnificent and remarkable landscape, world-renowned cuisine, rich history, and, most especially, the ever kind-hearted and hospitable people of Crete.

When traveling to Crete, don’t forget to visit the Falarsana and Rethymno, two of the finest and largest beaches in the Mediterranean. Also, Crete is the home to some of the most extensive, well-maintained golf courses in Greece. Experience playing golf in Kynos in Crete for that unexpectedly fun activity you can do to escape the stressful plagues of life.

3. London

London is the most progressive city in England. One of the more usual city break destinations. It has incredible diversity, centuries-old history, pulsing energy, and impressive innovations. Central London offers some of the world’s well-known sites including museums, galleries, and legendary landmarks.

Don’t forget to visit the famous Thames River that carves through London like a snake, bordered with exciting and scenic attractions. Crane your neck at the famed Big Ben, stopover by the London Eye, and revel in the art collection of Tate Modern. If you have come all the way to London, you should not miss out luxury cottage for sale like Fairway Holiday Park Isle Of Wight as it is one of the most beautiful cottages you can ever own. The Isle in itself is beautiful to spend the holidays with your family and if you buy a cottage there, you do not have to worry about booking for your stay.

4. Split (Croatia)

Split, the second biggest city of Croatia, which is spectacularly located in between mountains and seas. It is a hectic and busy city where most residents flock to their works. If you are planning to visit Split, it is hugely recommended that you stay in a luxury Splicani vacation villa for an unforgettable and finest experience in the City.

There are lots of things you can do Split, including a gastronomic day-trips and world-class nightlife experience.

5. Budapest

In case you didn’t know, Budapest is a magnificent city consisting of two distinct sides that are being separated by the Danube River – Pest on the East and Buda on the West. Both sides were merged into a single city in 1873 and were developed independently from each other.

Buda is known for its amazing attractions while Pest is famous for being lively and fiery. Budapest is famed for its natural resources like mountains, hills, the gorgeous Danube River, and truly amazing natural hot springs. A visit to Budapest is not complete without a stopover to these natural sources of healing water.


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