6 Awesome European Destinations You Need to Try


From large metropolitan centres to delightful, unfamiliar spots, Europe is packed with breath-taking destinations. Not only that, the whole continent is mostly safe with low crime rate, and the locals have respectful treatment towards the ladies.

Here are 6 wonderful European cities you should visit.


Whether you’re a city or nature lover, you’ll be captivated in many different ways by what Iceland has to offer. Roaming around the country’s city is not a problem since Reykjavik is quite small. Regardless of that, a handful of nightlife locales will give you a good time. Meet other woman travellers or the friendly Icelanders and enjoy the local music as much as you want as safety is guaranteed here. Even in the nation’s remotest regions, people are always welcoming towards vacationers which translates to extremely low crime rates, and the scenic views are amazing. An expensive destination but an experience you won’t regret.


The insanely enchanting city of Bruge is pretty small that you can stroll around it on your feet, providing you with the opportunity to see the beautiful turrets, canals, cafes and quaint book shops and what the city is known for, gardens. If you want a relaxing and stress-free destination, you should certainly consider Bruges because of its slow pace of life and lack of nightlife activities. Savour the famous Belgian chocolate and beer, whilst wondering around its cobblestoned streets, taking in all this serene gothic Belgian city has to offer.


If you’re a gastronomic chic adventurer, the city has many exquisite cafes, shops, and restaurants that you can dine in. A day or two is not enough to discover the whole beauty of Rome. It’s worth staying for at least a long weekend, if you want the time to take it all in. If you can’t get the time off it’s worth making the most of it, by taking a guided tour to maximise your time. You can do this by taking a skip the line tour of the Colosseum, which can save you literally hours to getting a Rome pass to get you into several attractions without queuing whilst covering your travel, to save you lining up to buy your travel ticket every day, visiting the Vatican very early in the morning can help. Rome has plenty to offer and has some of the best kept historical sites in the whole if Europe. It’s not difficult to picture how it would have looked in the Roman times. Inspiring and colossal.


Vienna is unexpectedly easy to roam around given that the city is loaded with attractions, from its magnificent architectural structures to coffee shops and is recognized as one of the many elegant historic city centres in Europe. With the majestic Imperial palaces and Baroque castles, there are lots of places to explore where you can also meet other tourists from all around the world.


Dublin is mainly famous for two things: the Guinness and its lively people. The jovial Irish attitude is not only a thing of myth, it’s a well-known truth that you’ll experience the warm reception from the Irish people, making you feel like you’re at home, even as you walk down the street. Be amazed and have fun when you visit the St. Patrick’s Cathedral and ancient Dublin Castle. Dublin was regarded as the safest city in 2015, so women travelling here can be assured, the night life, especially in Temple Bar is a thing to behold and although it can be robust, its special folky, sing along atmosphere is not to be missed. Then if you would like to live in Dublin there is some fantastic property that you can buy there so have a look at what’s available.


Regarded as the “hipster capital” and maybe the most gorgeous destination in all Europe, Budapest is for millennials and young at hearts who love to discover the cultural richness and enjoy the great nightlife on offer. Visit the vintage Communist monuments, explore some museums, sightsee the city’s stunning architecture, and unwind in the ruin pubs, there’s plenty to do while in the city. Note that the airport is quite far from the city, so it’s best to arrange a taxi transfer from Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport to your accommodation, if you’d prefer to wing it, buses are available 24/7.

So, there you are! What are you waiting for? Plan your next vacation now as the best in Europe is waiting for you!


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