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Hopefully you’ve been planning that perfect weekend with the girls (if not get on it now!). London offers everything you need for an epic weekend with your friends or family.

I’ve put together a list of options so you can have a splendid all girls city break in London.  All the attractions listed below are featured in the London Pass. With it, you and your friends will be able to save between £15 and £25 per entrance. Quite a deal eh? So, message your friends, start packing, and have a look at these suggestions. 

On your first day, you can visit:


  1. ArcelorMittal Orbit

Enjoy breathtaking views at the ArcelorMittal Orbit. With a height of over 100 metres tall, this building offers an astonishing view of the Olympic Park. It is the newest addition to London’s skylines, a must-see for adrenaline seekers and height lovers. While you’re here, make sure you enjoy a free hot drink at The Podium & Kitchen.

  1. Eltham Palace

Built in the 1300s, this remarkable historical site has been a residence for the monarchy for hundreds of years. Thanks to its varied past, Eltham Palace has served as a royal residence, a barn during the Civil War and an example of an Art Deco house. It has also been featured in many films, like Bright Young Things.

  1. St. Paul’s Cathedral

One of London’s iconic buildings, St. Paul’s Cathedral has played a major role in London’s history. It has been the place for Royal weddings and state funerals. Its dome was inspired by St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. It’s the second largest cathedral dome in the world. Make sure you take your time to explore the hidden gems of the cathedral. At the whispering gallery, you can whisper against any point of the wall, and someone with their ear against the same gallery’s wall can hear your whisper. Even if they’re on the other side of the wall. Just make sure you don’t reveal any secrets, you don’t know who might be listening…

  1. Tower of London

End your day by visiting the top attraction in London. With 12 acres of land within its walls, it’s considered one of the most famous fortresses in the world. It has served as a prison, a royal palace and a zoo, and now it’s the place where the Beefeaters guard the Queen’s Crown Jewels. Full of interesting stories, you’ll learn everything about it through a guided tour by the Beefeaters. Even Shakespeare referred to one of its towers in many of his plays, the White Tower. The Tower of London is definitely a must see.      

We’ve also gathered some options for you to spend the night near the city centre. Our top suggestion is to book an Airbnb, this way, all of you lovely ladies can have an amazing sleepover. Airbnb offers different options for every budget. You’ll be able to choose from a fancy apartment or a cosy flat. Whatever suits your needs.

But if you rather spend the night at a hotel you can check the Piccadilly London West End or the Every Hotel Piccadilly. You can also book a room at the Generator Hostel, allowing you to sleep on a budget. All three of them have great reviews.

Rise and shine beautiful queens. For your second day we gathered these options:


  1. The Monument

Start your day by visiting the oldest stone column in the world. The Monument, designed by Sir Christopher Wren to memorialise the Great Fire, offers splendid views of the city. If you climb all 311 steps and make it to the top, the staff will award you with a certificate that you made it to the highest point.

  1. London Transport Museum

Explore London’s transport history at this colorful and interactive museum. The London Transport Museum holds a varied collection of heritage vehicles, uniforms, posters, station signs and tickets. Everything to take you into a historical route.

  1. Cartoon Museum

With over 900 pieces, the Cartoon Museum is a captivating attraction covering the history of British cartoons from the 18th century to the present day. From caricatures to rear cartoon art, you’ll learn all about the interesting graphic history of Britain.

  1. Charles Dickens Museum

Located in central London, it’s the only surviving home in the British capital from the writer. Charles Dickens lived here from 1837 to 1839. At this museum, you’ll be able to read some of Dicken’s manuscripts, as well as relishing personal items and art pieces. Don’t forget to visit the café, where you and your friends can discuss the manuscripts over a cup of tea and cake.  


We’d love to know in the comments – does this sound like a great weekend trip away?  Is there anything we’ve left out?



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