Heavy Metal in Helsinki


Ahh, Finland, the lovely paradox. On the one hand this peaceful country is consistently ranked as one of the world’s happiest. On the other, it’s positively evil.

Finland has been hailed for its bitchin’ black metal scene for years, with their annual metal fest, Tuska Open Air, drawing out over 30k metal-heads each summer.

If you’re a lady who loves metal, where can you go to hear some vile rock? These wicked bars & venues represent the best of HELL-sinki.

Perkcle (PRKL)  

PRKL is the go-to bar for metal in Helsinki, and it’s been holding down the metal scene here since 2009. Order a beer and a show and head downstairs to check out the show. Open until 4 a.m. Fri and Sat, open til 2 on Mon and Tues.

On the Rocks

On the Rocks is just around the corner from PRKL and is composed of two floors. The main floor is a dive-y rock bar where you’ll probably hear Led Zepplin while playing pool and drinking cheap beer with the locals, many of whom stumble in from PRKL or are on their way. The bottom floor is a venue, where for a few extra euros you can catch metal and rock shows. Don’t be surprised if what you hear on the main level isn’t metal at all—the heavier stuff happens downstairs.


Nosturi is a venue housed in an old warehouse by the water. They have live music often, but the genres of music you’ll hear here are across the board. This month’s shows, for example, include everything from Robert Plant to Swedish metal band Machinae Supremacy. Check their online calendar to see what’s coming through.


Tavastia is one of Finland’s oldest and most active music venues, which celebrated 40 years of music in 2010. You’ll find a cool mix of local and touring bands playing here, and of course, a healthy dose of metal.  Need more? Check out their sister venue/nightclub, Semifinal.

Photo by Jan Hammershaug on Flickr.

Have you been to Helsinki? What other places would you recommend? 


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  1. Paula GUITTARD on

    some friends and I are planning a trip to Helsinki by the end of august 2018. yes I know it is not quite now. Anyway, we are all French headbangers girls, we ‘ll be staying there from friday to monday. so obviously a lot of going out and late nights. the question is where to go! what part of Helsinki for the hotels, what part of Helsinki for the metal venues!!! We’re a bit at a loss to choose really! so we need help!
    Any suggestions will be welcome!!! Thanks!

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