Top 5 Amazing Italian Experiences for the Solo Traveler


Traveling to different places creates experiences, information and memories. One place we constantly get questions about is Italy.

I mean, it makes sense. With so many activities you can do, foods to taste, wine to drink and places to explore in Italy, it’s a top destination for women to visit. For the solo traveler, Italy is a haven. Remember in Eat, Pray, Love?

That said, here the top five experiences that you should enjoy when visiting solo in Italy:

1. Visit the Colosseum in Rome

Sightseeing is the best thing that the Colosseum in Rome can offer. You can get to enjoy its beautiful scenery, history, and majestically grand feels. The structure of the Colosseum itself will leave you amazed and overly awed with its natural structural beauty. It’s not surprising why it’s the topmost visited tourist spot in Italy these days.

2. Visit the Vatican

A Vatican tour will surely complete your Italian visit. This is a well-loved, well-respected, and most sought after place to visit in Italy. It is the world’s smallest sovereign state, but despite its size, it is overflowing with beauty and artistic value.

You can take a tour around the Vatican by starting in Ponte Sant’ Angelo, the bridge with beautiful statues of angels. You can also go around Saint Peter’s Square which is the heart of the Vatican. It is also recommended that you go inside Saint Peter’s Basilica and be amazed by its beautiful structure.

3. Eat Pizza in Naples

You can’t just pass up on pizza when you visit Naples. You can easily find a decent pizza in any place in the world but the pizza in Naples will surely give you a taste of heaven! It is because pizza was invented in Naples and its exquisite taste is a cut above the rest, well, so the Neapolitan locals say. Even though New Yorkers may disagree, if you love pizza, Naples should be on your list of places to experience, especially if you’re traveling solo, no one likes sharing.

4. Relax by the Sea in Puglia

After all the roaming around the favorite tourist spots in Italy, you would surely want to have a relaxing and cozy trip by the sea. For that, the best place you can go to is Puglia. This place is famous for its beautiful crystalline sea, delicious food, hospitable people and cozy villas. You can book your stay in the luxury Puglian villas so that you can take your time enjoying the beauty of the beaches in this place.

5. Trek Up Mt. Etna in Sicily

Mt. Etna is among one of the most active volcanoes in the world, and conquering it will bring your travel experience a level higher. It doesn’t really matter what season you visit Italy; Mt. Etna is perfect for trekking all year round.

You will be amazed by the beauty of nature and the surroundings while you put in your energy to climb. Moreover, you don’t even have to worry because you can access restaurants, shops, and various services in the parking area.


Italy is such a beautiful place and getting through these top five experiences as a solo traveler will surely give you the most unforgettable travel experience you can have in your life.


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