The Best Way to See Europe — a 7-day Itinerary


Many travelers choose a European country and proceed to spend a whole week there – which is awesome! 

But if you want to pack a few countries into your itinerary, you can also choose to travel all around Europe in just 7 days. 

With a smart itinerary and good time management, you’ll see several countries in just a week’s time. We have prepared an exemplary plan for you! So, let’s look through our 7-day itinerary and the best way to see Europe! 

Day 1: Vienna to Prague

Visiting the two neighboring cities can easily turn into a day trip, and while you will have to get up early to start your day, it will all prove worthy in the evening! 

The best way to navigate through the cities is via Vienna to Prague train, so purchasing the tickets is job number one.

If you have a half-day in Vienna, have a clear plan in place to maximize your time. 

We suggest visiting the Schonbrunn Palace – a 15th-century complex of cultural significance, then head to the Jewish Museum for the best stories and shocking sights regarding Jews’ time in history. 

You should also visit St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the most important monolithic church in Vienna, displaying stunning architecture in Romanesque and Gothic styles.

Lastly, no Austrian trip is complete without a Vienna State Opera House tour. Certainly one of the most important cultural monuments in the country, it represents inseparable parts of Austria – opera and music. While it is unlikely to catch a show during the daytime, at least make sure to tour the Neo-Renaissance palace. 

You’ll likely arrive in Prague in the evening, but there is still plenty of time to do something fun! 

We suggest strolling across the famous Charles Bridge, which looks even more magical at night. It is the most important connection between the Old Town and Prague Castle, so whichever direction you take will be the right one. 

If the evening is cozy enough, continue with your exploration of Old Town Square to see the most stunning display of Gothic architecture. 

Now, get a good night’s sleep, because tomorrow we have more to see! 

Days 2, 3: Prague to Budapest

Prague is amazing, so you should take the day to explore it properly. We suggest using Czech trains for the most comfortable navigation. When you’re done, hop on the Prague to Budapest train to see the best of Hungary.

One of Budapest’s top and most exciting choices is the Szechenyi Spa Baths, so we suggest you make time for it.

The services it offers differ depending on the time of day. During the daytime, it is the most relaxing spa treatment to freshen you up for the rest of the trip. Luxury saunas and massages are what most tourists are after, but if you wish for a spicier trip, just wait for nightfall.

After business hours, the Szechenyi Spa Baths turn into an underground nightclub with DJs and electronic music, where water is the dancefloor, and in it – everything goes. 

On the other hand, if you are more interested in Budapest’s aesthetic and main scenery, we highly recommend visiting its most prominent buildings. Such masterpieces as the Parliament or Buda Castle are meant to be admired, and you must be the one doing the admiring! 

The city is also famous for the great shore of the Danube Bank. There are plenty of routes prepared for an enjoyable walk, so make use of it, and find The Shoes – a heartbreaking memorial for the 3,500 people killed by fascists in Budapest during World War II. 

One and a half-day is plenty enough to do all of this! So now, onto the next adventure.

Days 4,5: Budapest to Bavaria

While there can never be enough of Hungary, you might want to consider trading it for a more luxurious and older wonder: the Free State of Bavaria, Germany. 

After leaving Budapest, we suggest you refresh by spending almost two whole days here in southeast Germany.

Neuschwanstein is the first stop on your adventure. Build by the Mad King Ludwig II; the castle is everything you would look for in a fairytale book.

With the stunning Bavarian Alps in the background, the Neo-Romanesque building looks like something from a movie, and, funnily enough, it is said to have been the inspiration behind the world-widely known Disney Castle! 

Wherever you wish to go next, we hope it crosses the famous Romantic Road. The highlights of this driving route are the three ancient cities – Rotenburg, Dinkelsbuhl, and Nordlingen.

Stop by all three – not only are they the best well-preserved medieval towns here in Bavaria; their unspoiled beauty and authentic ruggedness bring them to the top of all the other medieval European towns.

Days 6, 7: Bavaria to Paris

End your trip strongly in one of the most unique and popular cities in Europe. Paris has always been a top choice for every traveler to Europe, and for good reason. 

Since you will have almost two days here, it might just be possible to see both sides of the city. 

The popular lavish one with the most anticipated tourist attractions, and the one with the most scenic countrysides and wineries and lovely humble people, far away from the city center. 

While it is crucial that you know Paris is more than the posh streets, overcrowded touristy places, and expensive leisure time, it still makes the city into what it is, so skipping is not a choice! 

Start with the Museum of Louvre and see the most staggering artwork of some of the most significant artists in the world, including Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Botticelli, and many more. 

Afterward, head to the Eiffel Tower – a signature mark and one of the most important historical landmarks. You can lift up to the top and see Paris from a better point of view, but if heights are not your thing, settle for a picnic nearby.

Notre Dame Cathedral is the equivalent of the genius Gothic style displayed by the Parisians. Not to mention its considerable historical significance and how much it means to the French. If you want a piece of their history and culture, you must visit the medieval Catholic church.

What a rollercoaster! You’ve traveled from Vienna to Paris and have seen so much! This itinerary is a great reminder that there is no limit to what you want to see when you travel. It all just depends on your vibe and how fast you’re trying to move. 

Mix up the cities and the attractions on this itinerary, or change the duration of your stay. Onwards and upwards to you – best of luck creating your own 7-day itinerary in Europe! 


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