How to Adjust to Life in Canada


It takes grit to move from your home country to a foreign place. Every country you move to has challenges, and Canada is not left out. As a new Canadian immigrant, you may struggle to fit in. This is majorly due to cultural differences. Hence, it is best to understand the culture and partake in it. 

In this piece, we’d be putting down a few tips that will help you adjust to life in Canada. Let’s begin!

Research the Culture

The first step to getting acquainted with the culture is by studying it. You’ll need to pick up materials and learn as much as you can about Canada. You can learn from news websites, social media, publications, music, books, etc. 

Start from the social jargon and then move to the local terms. You must have a keen interest in the Canadian media. Subscribe to newsletters and podcasts, and follow media voices and personalities. When you actively participate in the Canadian media, you’ll quickly understand Canada.

Be Open-Minded

Canada is a diverse country. It holds citizens from all over the world with different backgrounds and experiences. As a new immigrant, how would you react if you stumble on someone who has an entirely different belief from you? If your first reaction is adverse, you just experienced a culture shock. Aside from beliefs, diverse orientations, behaviors, practices, and even allergies would throw you off guard.

An easy way to navigate these new experiences is to keep an open mind. Ensure not to get bewildered or upset with people’s behavior. Also, try as much as possible not to stereotype, discriminate, or force your beliefs down other people’s throats. 

Networking is Crucial

Canada is one of the top countries in the world for foreigners. Their unique policies attract a lot of talents from all over the world. These talents are skilled and experienced, making the job market highly competitive. If you came to Canada for work, your skills must be top-par. Plus, you have to network to get the best offer actively. 

Many reports have shown that more than 50% of jobs are not posted online. It goes to show most people get job opportunities via referrals. Hence, you must put yourself out there and connect with other professionals. 

To meet new professionals, you would need to attend networking events actively. Meanwhile, before you start working in Canada, consult an immigration lawyers Canada for help.

Meet up with Settlement Services

Settlement services were set up to help new immigrants navigate their way around Canada. They offer support services before and on your arrival. Their services are also partially and fully sponsored by the Canadian government. 

If you have traveled to a new state within your country, you will understand how difficult it is to settle in. You will struggle with finding an apartment, job, new friends, and even grocery stores. It is difficult when you move to a new country, if not worse. 

Thanks to settlement services, all of these issues can be easily handled. With the support of a settlement worker, you would quickly adapt to Canada. 

Join and Participate in Immigrant Groups

Connecting with people of similar interests is a great way to feel among. Sometimes, immigrants get scared of mingling with Canadians as they can’t predict their reactions. However, the best thing to do is create relationships with fellow immigrants, considering they would likely face similar issues. 

To start, join groups meant for new immigrants or intending immigration. You should also join conversations and take part in community activities. With time, the right opportunity will present itself for you to lend or receive a hand.

Be Polite

Canadians are polite. They also expect newcomers to be polite as well. You can start by using a deflated tone when speaking casually to people. You can also infuse words like ‘Please,’ ‘Thank you,’ ‘I’m sorry,’ ‘May I’ into your statements. Speaking with people politely doesn’t necessarily make you their friend; instead, it helps you create a positive impression. 

Whether you are in Canada or some other country, politeness is a necessary ingredient of social interactions. 

The Close

We have just made a run-down of some essential tips that would help you adapt to life in Canada. This is not all, but the above tips will give you a head start. If you are still experiencing some struggles with moving to Canada, consult immigration lawyers for immigration advice service


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