3 Inspirational Women In Science And Engineering


There is no saying truer than ‘travel broadens the mind’. Thanks to air travel, we can now see more of the world than ever before, more quickly, and at less expense than ever before.

Advances in technology and science are making the world smaller but that makes our horizons and opportunities larger. There are so many incredible locations to visit, and each time I see one I think back to the pioneering scientists and engineers who made it all possible.

Many of these pioneers were women, and they continue to inspire me and future generations; here are three of them who have made so much of what we take for granted today possible.

Amelia Earhart

We take air travel for granted today, but we should always remember the days when flying was in its infancy, and the great people of aviation history made history. They don’t come any greater than Amelia Earhart, as she broke aviation record after aviation record, most notably becoming the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean in 1928.

This was far from the only ‘flying first’ that Amelia achieved, and she also became a vociferous campaigner for equal rights and founded an organization for women’s pilots.

Amelia was more than a pilot; she was also a skilled mechanic and engineer, having studied extensively while recuperating from the Spanish Flu outbreak of 1918. Tragically, Amelia disappeared while attempting to fly around the globe in 1937, but her legacy lives on.

Marie Curie

It takes a special sort of person to win a Nobel Prize, but Marie Curie managed to win two Nobel Prizes in two separate disciplines: Physics in 1903 and Chemistry in 1911.

This is a feat that has remained unequaled, making the woman born Maria Sklodowska in Poland possibly the greatest scientist of all time. Perhaps the greatest of her many achievements was the discovery of radium and radioactive properties.

This led to the use of X-rays, which have changed lives ever since and, it has been estimated, saved a million lives in the first world war. Sadly, it was exposure to radiation during her vitally important experiments that led to Marie’s death from cancer in 1934.

Edith Clarke

Few disciplines have transformed our world over the last century as much as electrical engineering, and Edith Clarke remains an inspiration in that field.

She became the first female professional engineer, and later became the first female Electrical Engineering professor, as well as inventing what has become known as the ‘Clarke calculator’.

You can follow Edith’s example by studying for an electrical engineering degree at the acclaimed North Central College. It’s a field of science and engineering that has an illustrious past, and gaining a degree in electrical engineering can give you a bright future, opening doors at home and abroad.

It’s thanks to pioneering women like Edith, Marie, and Amelia that we have so much of what we take for granted today. They looked into the future, and through the

With hard work, determination, and genius, they made it a reality. As I travel from one amazing location to another, I am always struck by how amazing our world is, but these three inspirational women show us that the people who live in it are amazing too.


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