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Hi Renee! Tell us about yourself and We Blog the World and what you’re currently working on.

I’m Renee Blodgett. As founder and managing editor of We Blog the World, the site dedicated to transformative travel, I drive the content, strategy and direction of the site. It has morphed since its beginnings, from a focus on events, festivals and cultural travel to one that centers around nature, luxury adventure, spirituality and wellness. While the infrastructure of the site hasn’t lost its commitment to culture and the arts (food and wine remains one of our largest categories), its current raison d’etre is all about living a purposeful life and traveling from that mindset.

Showing up present when you’re in a new destination and making choices that support life balance is core to my values and We Blog the World’s mission.

With balance in mind, you’ll find guides on wellness, destinations where consciousness is the experience, not a “way” to it, wellness retreats, spiritual voices, events and more. You’ll read about how to heal through nature and be present and mindful on your journey, starting in your own back yard.

My hope is that WBTW takes you on one transformative journey after another, from life changing adventures to magic moments that awaken your senses like cruises, unique holistic spas, safaris, farm-to-table dining in remote spots, glamping, yoga retreats, wellness and spiritual workshops and more.

I aspire to connect you to a world of rich experiences with the goal of ultimately transforming how you view the world and yourself, the best possible result from a journey away from home.

Awakening your senses and having transformative experiences through travel is one of the things that make WBTW so unique, but that’s not all. My role as a storyteller and taking you on as many journeys as I can, doesn’t end with me. Through a creative selection process, I have curated some of the most authentic and passionate travel voices on the web so you can read them all under one roof.

As for my current focus? Expanding wellness and spirituality on the site as well as expand a community committed to both. We’ll be adding writers who are working in the areas of wellness, healing, spirituality, holistic travel and nature. If this resonates with you and you’d like to come on board, email me.

What is wellness travel and how can we all be more aware on our travels?

Wellness travel has been a catch phrase lately and for most, its symbolic of yoga retreats or luxury hotels with chic spas. For others, it may be a meditation excursion to India and for others, it could mean medical tourism, which is thriving in some parts of the world, most notably Eastern Europe.

Wellness in its truest sense is about balance, mindfulness and healing and by healing, I don’t mean in the physical sense. Certainly there are many people who are suffering from a chronic or life threatening disease and are living their lives from a wellness mindset in order to heal their bodies.

There’s also trauma that is stored in our bodies which plays out emotionally on a daily basis – this can lead to unhealthy patterns of behavior, self sabatoging language, and a less than stellar life because you feel out of alignment.

Being out of alignment over time can lead to “dis-ease” and emotional suffering. Living a life of wellness when on the road or at home, means shifting your consciousness to a holistic lifestyle and acting in a way that supports this.

Included in this is meditation, down time with nature (nature can be so healing), a diet that emphasizes plant-based foods and going organic as often as possible (especially imperative if you do eat meat), cleansing the body through alkaline liquids and plenty of water and paying attention to the power of your breathe on a regular basis.

The power and strength of your breathe is the power and strength of your life – they are connected in ways we are not even aware of in our daily lives. Life purpose also plays into wellness and when aligned with your life purpose, you’ll make decisions differently, which includes the types of trips you decide to take and how present you are when you show up.

Renee Blodgett of We Blog the World

What pushes you to continue you work? What drives you?

While the answer to “drive” can go pretty deep, fundamental to what drives me is the love and connection I feel to others when I feel or sense a shift in consciousness in them as a result of the work I do.

Sure, I run an online travel magazine and site focused on consciousness, mindfulness and transformative travel, but I also do consulting where I work one-on-one with individuals and companies. Here is where the interesting stuff happens, because we work on their alignment.

For years prior to my nose dive into the travel industry, I have been most known in the business world for my work as a branding and communications guru as the founder of Magic Sauce Media, where I have helped brands grow their presence, launched products and services into the marketplace, positioned and repositioned companies, CEOs and entrepreneurs and created award-winning campaigns, social media strategies and marketing plans.

How I work is unique however, as I integrate all that I know spiritually, socially and emotionally into my work. While brand alignment may be where clients ‘think’ they start, fundamentally we start with their core values which often leads to life purpose, their soul’s mission and beyond.

Presence and living a purposeful life stems from such work and this is where true transformation happens, whether we’re on a magical trip to Fiji or working in an office space.

As a passionate traveler who believes that understanding other people’s value systems, culture and traditions make us more empathetic and conscious beings, I love doing work in spiritually charged destinations like Sedona, Bali, Peru, Hawaii, Bhutan and southern Africa.

While transformation is an internal process, not an external one, being around other purpose-minded and consciously involved individuals inevitably accelerates the process, learning and growth. The end result is acceptance, love and joy for ourselves and others.

What are you hoping to work on in the future?

The future is hard to predict since part of living a purposeful life is being guided by your Higher Self, which many describe as our intuition although it goes much deeper than this. Core to that way of living however is being present and not trying to chase a future, but rather, be guided by your internal voice and being patient with the present and what emerges in real time.

That said, spiritual retreats, wellness events and a more expansive repertoire of content around both will emerge as will the size of our community. Those interested in joining the We Blog the World family and community and want to get involved in some way shape or form, do reach out to me via email. Also be sure to connect with us on social media @weblogtheworld and @luxuryfoodies on most platforms. We’re particularly prolific on Instagram and Twitter.

How does spirituality play into your life?Renee Blodgett of We Blog the World

Spirituality can be defined in many ways. Some people still associate with spirituality with religion (I don’t and am not religious by the way which may be confusing at times when you see that I have written about a variety of religious belief systems from Hinduism and Buddhism to Christianity and Paganism. I have even written about healers who channels angels.

For me, spirituality is a way of life and a way of thinking. If you can think of your body as something you’ve borrowed for this life time and that your Soul is in fact eternal, then it becomes that much easier to handle the stresses in your life, the obstacles, traumas and even death.

As I wrote about recently in an article on Spiritual Health, our Higher Self goes beyond the ego and considers what’s best for our souls and for the souls of the people we love and care about. From this place, it’s a spiritual haven if you like – we are free of the need to manipulate and control our own environments and those of others, which is something human beings do largely out of fear.

When we can learn to let go and just be, we’ll find that we’re not only more attuned to our Higher Self, but we’re far more attuned to others as well. We become truly connected and develop a sense of belonging that feels liberating, free and light. Imagine traveling from this mindset? Empowering and freeing, right? I’ve been interviewing, collaborating and working with a number of spiritual practitioners, healers, light workers and beyond, so be sure to tune into our Spiritual Voices section for their perspectives and insights.

Thanks Renee! For more on Renee Blodgett, check out WeBlogTheWorld.com. 


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