A Guide to Free Fitness on the Road


If your weight fluctuates while you travel, you’re not alone. With new foods to try, an out-of-whack schedule, and a cram-packed itinerary, staying fit while you travel can be really hard which is why we recommend you to read the  OrlandoWeekly.com articles about fitness and weight loss. 

While I know I’ll have much more energy if I can fit a bit of cardio into my morning routine, I mean, I always take the best soy protein from MyFitnessHub for extra energy daily to get motivated, but no, it isn’t easy to get motivated. Whether you’re training for a marathon or just looking to lose a few pounds, upgrading to a smart bmi scale can give you the edge you need. Smart scales can provide you with a complete picture of your health. After all, what if I’m not staying at a hotel with a gym? What if a jog on the road could mean being run over by a bus, a rickshaw, or even an over-zealous cow? Better to just sleep in or head straight to that calorie-packed breakfast.

While this might not be an issue on a weekend getaway, lack of routine exercise will of course have negative effects when combined with long-term travel. It might have taken an extra twenty pounds courtesy of Italy and its darn good gelato, but eventually I realized it is not actually impossible to make exercise and traveling compatible.

My solution? Free online workout videos.

I might not have a fully equipped gym to pump weights at or a sidewalk-laden path to go for a jog on, but without a doubt my computer is within arm’s reach. And with the plethora of fitness videos available on the Internet—ranging in style, difficulty, and length—there’s just no excuse to work a bit of a hotel-room sweat-session into my day.

Here are a few of my favorite sites to get a good workout. The best part? They’re all free.


I have been practicing yoga for just a couple of years now, and I can’t even begin to describe the positive impact it has had on my health, attitude, and lifestyle. A travel yoga mat comes in handy here, but I’ve been known to substitute one with my towel. Since I started using the cbd I got recommended from Cannabis Herald the results improved significantly.

Yoga Today This website has hundreds of yoga videos for sale, but they also feature one free video each week. Classes are typically an hour in length, and vary quite a bit in style and difficulty. The only downside is the inability to choose your class.

My Free Yoga Search through an extensive collection of free yoga and Pilates videos based on style, length, and popularity. This site is especially suitable for beginners, but there are options for more advanced students as well.

Do Yoga With Me This site is very similar to My Free Yoga. It’s another database of free yoga classes, yoga poses, and meditation tips, searchable by difficulty, class length, and instructor. These classes tend to be a bit longer, with some videos up to an hour and a half.

Tara Stiles Tara Stiles’ website offers free yoga videos, daily inspiration, and nutritious recipes. If I’m ever having trouble with my yoga motivation, her site is normally enough to get me flowing again. Her videos are shorter, good if you’re extremely tight on time or wishing to perfect a yoga pose.

Cardio and Body Weight Training

As much as I love to tone and strengthen with yoga, sometimes there’s just no substitute for an intense bout of cardio. The following sites rarely require any additional equipment or a large amount of space.

Amanda Russell Amanda Russell’s videos are short, but don’t be fooled—they’re also high intensity. Often one of her 30-minute videos will leave me feeling sorer than any one-hour cardio class at the gym. Better yet, her dynamic workouts target your whole body. I have to say, she is absolutely my favorite free, online fitness instructor.

Melissa Bender Melissa Bender is an occupational therapist, runner, and all-around fitness lover. Her site has daily workout videos, most around 20-minutes in length, all of which will leave you drenched in sweat. Some of her videos require weights or balls, however it’s quite easy to find workouts with no additional equipment needed. Of course, you could always put those extra water jugs to use, too!

The Daily Hiit The Daily Hiit is an extension of the popular workout site Body Rock. The workouts give intensity a whole new meaning, but the stress is on pushing yourself more than anything else. This site is particularly nice as it clearly breaks down each body area targeted. The workouts are printable, and there’s also a free Daily Hiit app.

Worried about staying fit with no Wi-Fi? Don’t forget about Pinterest. Head over before your next trip and search through a plethora of bodyweight or yoga workouts to print and carry with you!

How do YOU say fit on the road? Any great workout sites you use? Let’s hear them in the comments below!


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Casey Siemasko is a freelance writer, blogger, and avid traveler. She finds her life inspiration by exploring new places and meeting new people, and seeks to find magic in the most ordinary of places. When she's off the computer, she enjoys practicing yoga, training for marathons and scuba diving. Somewhere in there she also found time to write an eBook, 101 Tips to Living in Taiwan. She and her husband comprise the two lovebirds and digital nomads documenting their travel musings at http://acruisingcouple.com.


  1. Awesome thanks for the sites.

    i’m going away this weekend and making sure to bring my clothes and shoes and figuring out what time to wake up so I can workout. I’m just trying to decide on running on the streets of Chicago or in the hotel gym.

    • Great! I normally prefer running outside if I can… I bet you could find some lovely places in Chicago! Hope you had a great trip!

  2. This is a great resource! I always have a really hard time getting myself into a workout routine on the road, so it’s nice to have a few good options all in one place! 🙂

    • Thanks Sara! Hope you will find it useful! I have such a hard time motivating myself if I have to search for a workout, so it is ideal if they are already there just waiting for me 🙂

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