Navigating Travel During COVID-19


It’s been a long 2020 and many of us might be enduring some form of cabin fever or another with winter upon us.

Traveling during the winter seems like it could be a fun time but unfortunately, with the ongoing pandemic, traveling is trickier than ever.

Whether you’re doing domestic or intentional traveling, it can be a struggle to figure out what, or if any, restrictions have been put in place due to COVID-19.

You might feel you have nothing to worry about, but you should be aware of what challenges you might face when you decide to travel.

Here are a few things to watch out for when you decide to travel during COVID-19.

What restrictions are set in place

It’s become the norm where things seem to change every day. Some states have imposed lockdowns, while others don’t.

Some destinations require you to quarantine for up to two weeks once you land. Some countries are even suspending or restricting travel.  

When it comes to restrictions, you have to be on top of the news and be flexible with your plans.

For any destination you plan on visiting, you must know if any restrictions have been put in place and how you can best comply with them.

What type of testing is required

Some airlines require you to show a negative COVID test prior to departure. Additionally, you might be required to take another test when you arrive at your destination or have to register to be a part of a contact tracing program.

You should plan and make sure you take a COVID test within the time period you are asked for.

If you’re departing from Atlanta, you can get an at home COVID test in Atlanta with a service such as Drip Hydration to fulfill testing requirements. You can also get tested when you return from your trip to make sure you didn’t accidentally bring the virus home with you.

It might also help to limit your interactions with others prior to taking the test to ensure you don’t catch COVID.

If your lodgings are available

Hotels, resorts, and other lodgings might not be available due to the region’s restrictions.

These can be incredibly problematic if you can’t find anywhere to stay during the duration of your trip.

It helps to call prior to your plane departure to make sure your lodgings are still available. If they’re not, you should consider postponing your trip or seek an alternative place to stay.

Could you be at risk?

This one will vary, but you should be aware if you have an underlying risk of suffering major complications should you catch COVID-19.

Some general CDC guidelines state people with underlying medical conditions like diabetes and lung disease carry a high risk.

If you feel you might fall have an underlying condition, you should consult with your primary care if you’re in a condition to be traveling.

It also doesn’t hurt to go in for a check-up to see if you haven’t developed any type of health complications since your last visit to the doctors

Which method of travel carries more risks

Generally speaking, traveling in your own car is not as risky as taking a train, bus, or plane.

When it comes to travel by plane or bus, you will be in somewhat close quarters with others for an extended period of time.

When you travel by air, you’re also in close quarters with others, but there’s an adding risk because social distancing is trickier if your flight is crowded.

If possible, it might be best to travel by car. If not possible, seek flights with little to no layovers.

You’ll also want to be up-to-date on all requirements your method of travel has.

Should I postpone my trip?

At the end of the day, the decision to keep your travel plans or not lies with you. COVID-19 has been a devastating time for many of us.

With the high amount of businesses closing, loss of loved ones, and even the increased amount of suicides and fatal overdoses, it’s understandable to want to get away from it all. If you feel you’re up for trip, proceed with caution.

On the other hand, if you feel the trip isn’t worth it, see if you could postpone it.

There’s no exact forecast as to when things will go back to some sense of normalcy, so it’s best to be flexible with your plans.

Have you been traveling during Covid-19?


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