Supplements for Hangover Prevention This Holiday Season


With the party season almost here, it is now a good time to start thinking about how you can have a lively and enjoyable time indulging in all of your favorite festive drinks and cocktails with friends, without suffering too much the next day! Hangovers are something that affect all but the lucky few, and they definitely get worse with age, but if you want to help your body combat the effects of drinking alcohol and possibly even stop the worst of your hangover from ever occurring, there are actually supplements for hangover prevention

Supplements like Purple Tree combine ingredients that can help combat different aspects of your hangover, and which, combined with plenty of water and a good night’s sleep, can give you a much healthier day after overindulging.

Which Effects of Alcohol Consumption do Supplements Help With?

Hangovers can present themselves with a number of symptoms, and all of these need to be approached in a different way to make you feel better. Supplements that help support the liver, which is stressed by processing alcohol, are often combined with things that support the body’s inflammatory system, which can be aggravated by alcohol too. B vitamins can help reverse deficiencies caused by drinking, and make you feel more energized.

One of the other things that can cause some symptoms of a hangover, including headaches and dry eyes, is dehydration, and so supplement pills will help you most if you also make sure you take in plenty of water. Drinking water before you go to bed after a night of drinking is always a good idea, and you should start to hydrate yourself again as soon as you wake up. 

Why is Vitamin B So Important for Hangovers?

Alcohol diminishes your body’s ability to absorb B vitamins, which can leave you feeling under the weather. A strange effect of this is that beer, which is actually very high in vitamin B12, can still leave you deficient in it! Supplements that boost the amount of vitamins in the B complex, including B12 can therefore help you to feel better when you’ve been drinking alcohol, and hangover prevention supplements as well as hangover remedies often include these vitamins.

Can I Drink Even More if I Take Supplements?

Supplements can only help with a normal hangover, and if you are actually suffering from mild alcohol poisoning or alcohol withdrawal after a prolonged period of drinking, they won’t be able to work miracles. This means that while supplements can help if you just want to be able to enjoy a good night out without feeling too bad the next day, they don’t mean you will be able to drink more or sustain long periods of drinking every night without negative effects.

Supplements can be a great way to make the days around Christmas headache and nausea free, even if you’ve been overindulging in drinks the night before. However, even if you have these supplements to help you, it is important to always drink responsibly, as there is only so much that they can do to protect your body and they won’t do anything to stop you sending those embarrassing texts when you’re under the influence!


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