Tips For Traveling With High Cholesterol


Cholesterol is a natural fatty substance that every person needs to live a healthy life, as it is involved in the production of new cells, hormones, and vitamin D. The liver manufactures most of the cholesterol you need – it is then transported around your body by the blood. However, high levels of cholesterol in the body can be dangerous as it can restrict blood flow, if you need to buy medical supplies prior your tip, we recommend to visit

To be considered to have healthy cholesterol levels, you need to have a total cholesterol level below five millimoles per liter of blood. Whether you are going on holiday or a business trip, you need to prepare adequately for any eventualities if you have elevated cholesterol.

Traveling with high cholesterol

6 Tips for People Traveling With High Cholesterol

If you have high cholesterol and you are planning to travel, there are some things you should do to stay in good health. Some of the tips that you need to know about are:

1. Carry snacks from home.

 Whether traveling by car, bus, train, or air, you need to pack healthy snacks for yourself. Many of the snacks sold in traveling terminals are often high in fat and cholesterol, hence not good for you. There are some healthy snacks that you should consider buying, including pita bread, unsalted nuts, hummus, carrot slices, and apples. Ensure that the foods are easily accessible by storing them in small containers. When traveling by plane, you can also consider packaging liquids and food items that are healthy and low in cholesterol. Snacks to carry when traveling by plane may include granola bars, cheese, and peanut butter.

2. Pack drinking water.

Clean drinking water is the best way to hydrate your body. You should avoid sweetened drinks such as soda and juices, and you should consider them a treat only. You can have a quality portable water bottle that allows you to refill with clean water wherever you want to travel. You can refill the water bottle once the security personnel in the traveling terminals have cleared you.

3. Stay active.

When traveling, ensure that you stay active as a way of managing your high cholesterol levels. You can stay active when traveling by making long walks in the traveling terminals, following your weight loss program or going to the hotel gym or pool for exercise. If you are using a private car, you can always park a short distance from your new location and spend a few minutes walking. If you are on an extended vacation, you can take long walks or bike rides for exercise.

4. Refill your medications.

There are several medications that are commonly prescribed to people with high cholesterol. Ensure you’ve got enough to last for the full duration of your vacation and ensure that you refill them if they are depleted. You can make things easier by ensuring the packaging of medicines is with the original labels. This makes it easier for you to receive help if there is an emergency. It’s a good idea to have your doctor’s contact information with you too.

5. Eat enough fiber.

Fibers are essential for everyone, and if you have elevated cholesterol, you need a lot of it. If you plan to travel and have elevated cholesterol levels, ensure that you pack fruits and vegetables to have as snacks on your journey. They are rich in natural fibers which studies have shown can help your body reduce cholesterol levels. If you find it challenging to carry the foods, consider having a fiber supplement with you as you travel.

6. Avoid foods you are unsure of during your travels.

If you are in a new destination with totally different local cuisines, do not try every offer. Ensure you eat with moderation and stick to foods that are rich in fibers. Also, avoid fast foods as they are typically high in salt and fat, increasing your cholesterol levels.

When traveling, it is vital to ensure that you eat low fat and low salt food to avoid an increase in your cholesterol levels. Also, stay active and ensure you exercise regularly to help manage your cholesterol levels. If you are experiencing some problems, contact your doctor immediately for medical attention.


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