Wanderlust: Your Guide to Yoga Abroad


As yoga gains popularity around the world, the enterprise of yoga abroad has sky-rocketed.  While packaged yoga adventures seemingly offer the ultimate blissful experience, your bank account may say otherwise.

But with expats and locals alike building yoga studios in even the most isolated locales, creating your own yoga vacation is getting easier.  So save some cash and experience the variety that a do-it-yourself yoga adventure has to offer.

Here are a few tips for getting started:

Where should I go on a yoga vacation?

There are so many options nowadays; it can be hard to decide!  First decide what is most important to you on your impending trip. Do you want it to be all about yoga or are you seeking a more balanced experience?  Think about what activities you would want to do besides yoga and that will lead you to a more specific region.

Often times as they say in yoga you will encounter a lila which will guide you to your perfect destination.

Do I need to bring a yoga mat?

This can be a tricky question as some yogis are very attached to their mats and without just the right amount of cushion are centers are totally off balance.  However, lugging around a yoga mat can be a pain especially if your bag is to small for it to fit or doesn’t have a way to attach the yoga mat to it.

But not to worry most yoga studios offer mats to use for free or at least to rent.  Although, having a yoga mat with you allows you to do yoga where ever you are and can also double as a little extra cushioning for that one time you have to sleep on the floor of the train station!

As always if you find you don’t need a mat you can ditch it, or if you find you do, you can easily buy one.

How do I find a studio?

If you booked your locations based on yoga studios then you know where to head, but if you chose to go somewhere based on other criteria and are hoping to find yoga it isn’t hard.  Often a quick google search can reveal the bigger yoga spots near you ,but with more rural areas and smaller studios a quick walk around the area might be your best choice.

You can also always ask at the reception of your accommodation or other travelers.

What if I can’t find any yoga where I am staying?

If your search for yoga bliss is to no avail you are not without alternatives.  With the proper electronics you can easily access yoga videos on YouTube for free or download some at Amazon or GaiamTV.  Alternatively if power and internet are issues, just buy a simple yoga book or bring a print out of some poses and create your own sequence!

You don’t have to be a yoga instructor to plan a yoga class that will bring you a work-out and inner peace.

Most importantly, just go with the flow.

Tell us about your experiences with yoga while traveling!


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Since a young age, Carrie has had a strange love for airports and the excitement they exude. Her first big international adventure was a trip to Japan with her brother during her senior year of high school. The trip ignited her sense of adventure and since then she has jumped at every opportunity to explore new lands. Carrie graduated with a B.S. in biology from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2010 and currently works in San Diego doing Autism research. In the Fall of 2011, she became a certified yoga instructor, the training further inspired her to explore this majestic world. So as the walls of the research laboratory began to feel especially confining, Carrie gave notice to leave her job and the comforts of her hometown. She has reinvigorated her passion for writing and hopes to incorporate it and her love for yoga in her upcoming travels to Bali, Thailand, and Taiwan this summer.

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